Summit principal is guest speaker
Catholicism 101 meets every other Tuesday evening. Our next meeting is January 8 directly after 6:30 pm Mass at St Mary's Catholic Church. 
We will be meeting in the back of the church. The meetings are open to everyone. This is a casual way of learning a little more about the Catholic faith. The topics vary as they are determined from questions people have asked at prior meetings. Why do Catholics pray to the Saints? Why are Angels important to us? Are miracles only performed by Catholics? These are just a few of the questions. A prepared person leads the discussion and has information on the particular subject.  
Often times that person is a guest speaker. Our guest speaker this week is Jim Hickel. The topic is Ecunemical Councils. What are they and why does the Catholic Church have them? Jim Hickel has spent most of his life working in Catholic education. He even helped co-found a small Catholic school in Alaska. Jim was born and raised in Anchorage Alaska. He earned his BS in teaching at Magdalen College in New Hampshire. After spending thirteen years as the headmaster at that small Catholic School in Alaska, he earned his masters at Texas A&M.
Hickel, his wife Lisa and two grandchildren, (Caleb and Alexis), are fairly new to our area. They spent two years at a small Catholic school in Scottsdale Arizona and a couple months ago they moved to Cottonwood. Mr. Hickel is the principal at Summit Academy. They have always lived in Cities. So the move to Cottonwood was a leap of faith. They are enjoying the rural life of the Camas Prairie very much. 
Join us in showing Jim Hickel our small town hospitality at Catholicism 101. There will be refreshments and lively discussion at St Mary's Catholic church next Tuesday evening the 7th of January.
Editor's note: the above did not appear in the print edition this week due to editor error.

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