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Redneck Review!
No. 349 – 1/2/22
It is the New Year, 2022, coming just days after our annual celebration of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago! Historically, this God-Man, born of a virgin, has had the greatest impact on our world and our country of anyone recorded in history. So the new year poses a question for all of us! Will 2022 see our troubled world turn back to HIM and the legacy left in the Catholic Church and the many Christian denominations still paying  allegiance to HIM and HIS rules for living? Or will our country and world follow the Pied Pipers of secularism and SOCIALISM which have burst into control in our country in recent decades and years?
Avid readers of history know that the current Man-Centered theories teaching how countries should be governed, dates back to 1917, when COMMUNISM took over Russia. Past RNR's have documented in detail the philosophy of life taught by Marxist COMMUNISM, and its use of SOCIALISM. In brief, that philosophy denies the existence of God, and pushes hard the theory that MAN himself rules! (And to be politically correct, WOMEN!). A most critical belief of that rising group today promotes EVOLUTION, brought on relentlessly over decades by CONFLICT between races, and Bourgeoisie and Proletariat, the wealthy and the poor. The CONFLICT they claim is fueled by the HATRED  promoted, together they move history along the evolutionary path until all private ownership belongs to the STATE. People then will share equally the wealth available, teaching "From each according to ability, to each according to need." Those following the news see this philosophy in the current push to teach CRT (Critical Race Theory), allowing open borders, our increasing tolerance of exploding crime and destruction we see around the country, putting responsibility on police who interfere, and our capitalist system of government.
Contrast that with the teachings of Christ, who came, not to eliminate the Commandments, but to add the greatest commandment of all: "Love God with your whole heart and soul, and your neighbor as yourself."  To that simple creed, add that everyone is created by God, thus all are brothers, and are given FREEDOM, with RESPONSIBILITY to live a brief life on this earth, with a destiny hereafter of reward or punishment, based on living or rebelling against the simple set of rules given, thus making each individual responsible for his or her own eternal destiny.
Books by the dozen document the rising influence of SOCIALISM, as the last step leading to COMMUNISM, the man-centered idea that God is dead, either non-existent, or not relevant, and that mankind itself is totally responsible for its own future.  Thus weather, the economy, living conditions world wide, systems of government used..., all can be regulated by a chosen elite in an all powerful government, assisted by giant banks.  Eventually government is world wide, modeled after our current United Nations, and will be responsible for and able to create equal living conditions for all, regardless of race or location. Marx and his followers believe and teach that eliminating God, and destroying private property ownership will eliminate greed, envy, hatred, and will create an actual utopia on earth, where all can live equally and in peace. Books noted above  document the slow rise and fall of this theory back near its beginning in 1917, the process slow and evolutionary in nature, using and teaching as Dr. Fred Schwarz shows in his book  YOU CAN TRUST THE COMMUNISTS...., the tactics of "Two steps forward, then one step back."  Even taught at times in their schools, the idea  promotes aggressive moves ahead during times of peace and tolerance,  but responds instead when met with stiff resistance, with an attitude of peace and tolerance of their own, until finally its earthly utopian goal is achieved!
So again, all Americans might ask in the days ahead, as 2022 roles out our destiny, which of the two ways of life discussed above do we want to see prosper this coming year, and is there anything we as individuals can do about it?      We may have limited time still to choose!
Jake Wren








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