Tri-Parish youth schedule for January
Dear Youth,
Here we are in the invitation of a New Year.  We are called to make changes in our lives and step out in faith to see what may lie ahead as we open doors to new possibilities.  It is in this invitation that we ask you to join us on our road of discovering our faith through prayer, fun, food, fellowship, and family.  We hope you can join us in our January youth activities.  We would especially like to invite newcomers to our gatherings. We would love to see you! 
On Jan. 6th our small group session of Catholic Q and A will take place in Debbie’s office.  Pizza will be served at 6:30, our faith session will go from 7:00 to 8:00 and this will be followed by a walk so dress warm.  All High School youth are invited.  
On Jan. 7th the adults who attend the Lapwai training session will meet at the CEC Building at 7:00 p.m. to discuss the establishing of a Core Team and evaluate the Youth Ministry process.  If you attended the training in November your presence at this meeting would be greatly appreciated!
On Jan. 8th the High School Peer Ministry Team will meet at 7:00 p.m. in Debbie’s office to plan the Jan. 22nd REACH session.  If you are a peer minister please be present! 
On Jan. 12th their will be a Youth Mass at St. Anthony’s at 10:00 a.m.  All Jr. High and High School youth are strongly encouraged to attend this great celebration of community. On Jan. 12th the Confirmation youth are invited to St. Gertrude’s at 7:00 p.m. for a session on prayer.  Your presence is important and attendance will be taken. I am looking forward to seeing you and having this opportunity to join together to grow in our understanding of Catholic prayer. 
On Jan. 13th the mission team for Haiti 2016 will meet at Debbie’s office to plan our annual chili and cinnamon roll delivery for Super Bowl Sunday.  Please be present if you are on this team.  
On Jan. 15th we will meet at the High School Release Time Room at 7:00 p.m. for our monthly movie night.  All Jr. High and High School youth are invited.  Hot dogs and chips will be provided for this evening of fun and fellowship! 
On Jan. 18thand 19th the youth ministry will be helping to host the ministry fair after each of the Masses. The youth will be present at each of these events and invite the community to stop at our booth.  We will be excited to share our ministry with you! 
On Jan. 20th the small group Bible study will meet at Debbie’s office. We will continue our study on 2 Samuel.  We will have pizza at 6:30 and our faith session will go from 7:00 to 8:00 and we will go for a walk following the faith session. Please make sure you dress warm for our walk!  
The Jr. High/High School REACH session, hosted by the Peer Ministers will take place on Jan. 22nd at 6:30, the location will be announced later so watch the bulletin. The H.S. Peer ministers are asked to be at the designated location at 5:45 to prepare for the night.  
On Jan. 29th we will have a social.  The plans for the social are not yet set so please watch the bulletin for more information.  
The newness of the season is a great opportunity for changes and growth.  We invite you to step toward the newness and feed your faith in a new way.  May God bless you in this New Year and bring you peace, hope, joy and prosperity. 
(Jr. High and High School youth please pick up your Jr. High Rally forms at the Church office before Jan. 15th and return to Debbie by Jan 29th)(ICYC forms will need to be picked up at the Church office or from Summit Academy, filled out, and returned to Debbie at the office by Feb. 5th)

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