Seth Chaffee receives Eagle Scout award
By Jane and Roger Burgess
Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, Reverent.
Wow! This sounds like a super hero, one of those characters that “comes to save the day.” He demonstrated all of these characteristics when he came to assist us in an emergency we had at our home. This must be an amazing person to have the title and characteristics to be able to claim these words.
We all like to think that this is one of our own children grown into manhood and that this is how he is viewed by his peers. I know that living up to these words can be difficult and very time consuming. Especially when there are so many other things that a person wants to do that require a lot less work and are possibly more fun.
There is another aspect to all the words listed at the top. To be able to exhibit all the words, receive that as to what other people see in you takes an enormous commitment on the part of family. I have watched this family a better part of 5 years now. “I am impressed” to say the least at what I have seen coming from his parents and siblings. Their dedication and commitment to this young man shows because of what he has accomplished. He has earned over 100 badges since he started in 2001. He earned 38 badges just to become an Eagle Scout. He was top popcorn salesman in the scouts fund raising program. His leadership skills have been put to use as Den Chief, Scribe, Quartermaster, Patrol Leader and Senior Patrol Leader. These skills will follow him wherever he goes and be the training he needs to assist him in being successful in life.
It was an awesome privilege to be able to sit on his review board and acknowledge all that he has accomplished. Quoting Shari Chaffee, “ He has grown through his experiences, learned many new things and has faced many challenges and he never wavered. He kept his eyes on the goal and has soared like the eagle.”
His Eagle Scout Court of Honor was held Dec. 30, at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Cottonwood. There was a good turnout of friends and family to see him received the award of Eagle Scout. His mom also placed many mountains of pictures and awards that he has earned for the 12 years that he has been in scouting for everyone to see.
There were also letters of recognition from: Wayne M. Perry (Scout President); Wayne Brock (Chief Scout Executive); Tim McCandless (Scout Executive); Sheryl Nuxoll (Idaho State Senator); Roy Uhlenkott, Cottonwood, Idaho; Butch Otter (Governor of Idaho) and Denis Duman (Mayor of Cottonwood.)
Oh, did I fail to mention this young man’s name? His name is Seth Dalton Chaffee and his Scoutmaster is Shari Chaffee (yep, that’s his mom). I am honored to know him and to be asked to write this article about him. Keep soaring like an eagle Seth and I know you will succeed in life. May or Lord and Savior Jesus Christ watch over you and keep you under His wings.

Seth Chaffee is shown with his parents, Shari and Kevin and his Eagle Scout award. Seth was presented the honor Monday, Dec. 30 at Emmanuel Baptist Church. 

Shari Chaffee pins Seth Chaffee with his Eagle Scout pin. Also shown are Seth’s father Kevin and Dan Karel, emcee for the Eagle Scout Court of Honor. 

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