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Now that the holiday season is over and things are getting back to normal, exciting things are happening at the Library. 
All pre school children are invited to the Library on Tuesday, January 14 at 10:30 in the morning for the beginning of Story time. A special guest reader will select stories from her private collection of children’s books along with stories from the library. Each reading will delight the children.  Please help us to make this  a memorable event by sharing with your friends the time and date. See you there.
Every week new books are being placed on the shelves. One of the newest arrival and wonderful reading material is titled “Lioness of Idaho” Louise Shadduck and the power of Polite by Mike Bullard. Louise is a sister of Lester Shadduck, long time mayor of Winchester. After the mill closure and the town was shrinking, Louise was influential in the development of Winchester State Park, hence, bringing life back into the little mill town and providing a wonderful recreation area for the Camas Prairie and surrounding area.
This was one of many accomplishments during her years of public service.
Congressman Orval Hansen stated: “Her life spanned more than three-fourths of Idaho’s statehood. Few have contributed to its history or earned more love and respect from its people…. The oldest of us cannot remember her equal. The youngest among us will never see her like again.”
Local Journalist Bill Hall commented “Louise Shadduck spent most of her considerable political talents on others rather than on herself. She was a behind-the-scenes political operator. But she was not the usual steel hand inside a velvet glove. She was a velvet hand without a glove, a gentle hand and mind that taught three generations of Idaho elected leaders how to win, how to behave and how to do their best and utmost for the state she loved.”
You will be amazed at what this woman did for the Great State of Idaho and the difference she has made. 
There were many contestants entering the Library Christmas coloring contest. Each participant was a winner as everyone did there very best artistic work. Since there could be only one winner from each age category the judges had to select and submit to the Chronicle. The final results were: Age 5 and under Thomas Rose. Taylor Riener was the winner in the 6 to 8 year old group and Nichole Rehder in the 9 to 12 year olds. 
Congratulations to the winners and a great big Library Thanks to everyone who took time to enter the contest. 

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