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To the Editor
True Gifts Stem from True Property
The past 7 months I have received, in behalf of a sick loved one, Ďgiftsí from others that stemmed from their hard work and effort.  These gifts were given to assist preserving or improving life of my loved one.  Itís humbling.  I know that such means (whether a meal, craftsmanship, words, a visit, financial, skill, or other) is ultimately the fruit of applied effort of the giverís faculties to their limited resources to preserve or improve their own life.  But instead, has been diverted to assist another.  The resulting product of such applied effort is the origin of true property.  And, they, the giver, have the greatest claim on this property.  And, as such, have the greatest right to apply it to preserve or improve their life, or to share it with another.  Because preserving or improving oneís life requires ceaseless effort, to receive a true Ďgiftí from the fruit of anotherís efforts, for me is one of the greatest kindnesses Iíve experienced. 
Scott Perrin

Redneck Review!
No. 245 - 12/30/2019
Recent RNR's have focused attention on "MIRACLES" like the miracle of life itself, and in #242 the claim was made that average individuals are exposed to a "Miracle a Minute" without even realizing it.  The claim is made by myself admitting my own failure to recognize the miracles that surround  each of us every day of our lives.
The first miracle claimed here is life itself, the unexplained principle that causes a small seed to come alive, sprout, and grow into a plant hundreds of times larger than the seed itself.  Witness the mighty Oak tree coming from the simple acorn seed! Other examples abound and can be seen all around us! Just what is that life principle that causes the seed to develop?
Or what about the humble beginnings of individuals who have been given the gift of life, and whose complexity is mind boggling to all who try to explain or understand.  Og Mandino, whose book,  The Greatest Miracle in the World quotes Simon Potter's book, The God Memorandum, which offers a compelling argument that each individual is "The Greatest Miracle in the World." We take this human life principle so much for granted that we tend to ignore the fact that 3000 or so of tiny little humans are snuffed out before birth with rarely a second thought!  Explain that to me!  Even the life principle that causes the heart of every animal to begin beating and which continues to do so over its days among the living.  Please explain to me the difference between the heart of the animal alive and the same it has deceased!
Oh, the many miracles!  What about the rain that falls, the predictable rising of the sun, snow in winter, or lack of it...?  The days of summer and those predictably which come in winter? The pesty mouse that nibbles away, the birds flying south, then return, the fog that mysteriously comes and goes as it chooses?  On and on, all around us in nature are things we  take for granted, yet are unable to explain completely!  Where did they come from and how did they get here?  Why does it seem our little hunk of dirt earth seems to be the only heavenly planet capable of sustaining life? 
The mystery does go on and on!  What explains the wealth of some nations, the poverty of others?  What is the defining difference between those of us who seem to thrive on hate, while others seem capable of love?  Why does sickness and death strike some, and not others? Are there answers to these many questions?
The answer submitted here can be found in the reality of the Christmas just celebrated! The babe born that day came to be the claimed Son of God, the mysterious and powerful being that created us and all things out of love.  The historical individual who MIRACULOUSLY raised the dead to life, the blind to see, the lame to walk, and who by His countless miracles, proved to be what was claimed.  His historical crucifixion and subsequent resurrection provided proof that He was what He claimed to be.  And the world's most read book, the Bible, provides more proof needed that the religion He left, Christianity, has the answers to all the mysteries found above.  Christ, as God, with His Father and the Holy Spirit, created our universe out of love for us, and has prepared for all who follow Him, an eternal resting place.  And a home here on our planet earth where each individual given the gift of life can choose to follow His way, or to turn away and choose to live life his own way!
So the Christmas we celebrated suggests we turn to Him, and during the New Year now upon us, carry His message of love and appreciation for our lives all we have been given!  Amen!
Jake Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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