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Redneck Review!
No. 350 - 1/9/22
A second time in this fast flowing New Year, 2022, a HAPPY NEW YEAR! From this now 350th RNR!  Very hard for myself to believe is that today's article causes a back look to the first RNR that flowed from my keyboard, 4/23/2015, over 6 years ago!  And equally hard for myself to believe, is that this RNR effort, is a repeat one, dating back to the mid 1980's. One can still find another five years or so effort to do the same thing, from about 1982 to 1987, in this same Cottonwood Chronicle, only at that time, called LET FREEDOM RING! My thanks again to the owner of  the Chronicle at the time, Greg Wherry's father, who printed those 1980 articles, and again to Greg himself, who now produces the Chronicle and now again prints these RNR articles. In addition, all back copies of both titles are available and are printed in books, and can be obtained either from the Chronicle, 208-962-3851, or 208-962-3576 or 208-553-6032, my own home or cell phone for more information.
Now back to the issues recently discussed, and a clarification or two.  Recent RNR articles have focused on the recent celebration of Christmas, and the impact on the world and on our own country in particular, of "The reason for the season," the historical God-man Jesus Christ, whose birthday was then celebrated. The claim was made here that the future of our country and the entire world in fact, depends upon which of the two philosophies of life, economics, and even politics wins out in the current very real struggle which is going on today in our own country, and even obviously in the world itself.  The choice becoming ever more clear. Do we choose as individuals, and nations to continue to believe and practice the simple rules that are clearly spelled out in the Bible, and in a less perfect way, in the Catholic and Christian churches today, or are we slowly allowing the alternate, but ever growing ideas that the future lies in the hands of manhood itself?
At this point, a bit of clarification may be necessary!  In past articles, it has been repeatedly claimed, that the "mankind himself" idea is the modern rage, and should be trusted to solve all modern problems, and that the simple reliance on the teachings of Christ are old fashioned, and no longer pertinent to our modern times. Further, it has been argued that the source of this modern thinking is best traced back to the year 1917, when Marxist Communism took over the country of Russia, and has been marching consistently around the world, taking over country after country, using the lure of the earthly utopian notion of SOCIALISM as the drawing card with its FREE handouts given by an elite group of masters, promising equal conditions for all based upon the Marxist: ".... to each according to needs." The clarification needed here is that Marx did not invent socialism, but instead as his followers have repeatedly said, Socialism is the last step they promote on the way to their final dream of COMMUNISM itself.  The facts are that socialism has had its beginnings in the world and our country also about 100 or more years ago, promoted by well-intentioned men who were looking for a way to avoid the conditions which led to WW I and the destructive depression which hit world wide during the 1930's. Many leaders here and around the world, blamed CAPITALISM, pointing to the wild good times associated with the "Roaring '20s" which followed the war, and led to the great depression. Books by the dozen have analyzed the conditions leading up to that war, the wild boom times and destructive depression that followed, and have logically concluded that it was not capitalism as practiced so successfully in early and even recent America, making our country the most free, and the most prosperous, and thus the most envied of all nations in history, Instead, it is the slow acceptance of the idea that planned economies, with decisions made by chosen experts which has caused the current destructive conditions found here and in the world at large! It is the intent of these articles to submit the compelling truth of this last claim in the next few weeks! Happy New Year!
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