Adopt a hydrant
Hey folks, credit to Kamiah Fire-Rescue for coming up with an AMAZING idea...Cottonwood Fire Chief Danly and Police Chief Cochran have teamed up in asking for assistance from our community.
With all the recent weather, we still need to be able to respond to fires and help ya'll... Part of the problem is actually LOCATING fire hydrants that are buried in snow!!
So, we would like everyone's help in 'adopting' a fire hydrant and shoveling the snow from around it so it can be found, and used to save the house on fire.
AND, as a THANK YOU we will do a drawing to award PRIZES for your efforts!!
All you have to do is take a photo of you, your family, the dog, whatever, with the hydrant that you have adopted and shoveled out, post the picture on the Facebook page of  either D.A.T.E. or the Cottonwood Volunteer & Rural Fire Department...please give us your name...that's it, you are entered for a chance at a PRIZE....and you will be benefitting your community, which is ALWAYS a prize !







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