Cottonwood City Council meets
Kristine Holthaus was sworn in Monday as the newest member of the Cottonwood City Council at their January meeting.
She replaces Pat Holthaus who retired after serving over 10 years on the Council.
Lynn Guyer, who was also elected in November, was also sworn in.
Holthaus was the presented an Appreciation of Service Plaque for his 10 years and 7 months on the Council.
Linda Nida was elected as the new council president. The council president runs the meeting in the absence of the mayor and also serves as one of the co-signers on city bank accounts with the mayor and clerk.
Mayor Keith Holcomb announced several appointments. Lynn Guyer will continue as sewer commissioner. Debby O’Neill is the new water commissioner. Kristine Holthaus is the new streets commissioner and airport commissioner. Holcomb will be police commissioner and CEDA representative. Linda Nida will continue as fire commissioner and land and buildings commissioner. Terry Cochran will continue as police chief. Roy Uhlenkott will continue as public works supervisor and Lynn Thompson will continue as city clerk.
In unfinished business, the conditional use permit for Joe Didier’s former property is still unresolved. Holcomb said he talked with new owner Ryan Uhlenkott who at this time was unsure whether he would continue to run it as an RV site.
Craig Duclos’ water service request was tabled as there was some uncertainty as to just what he wanted.
In new business and agreement was approved with Wemhoff Architecture to serve as architect for the park pavilion project.
A janitorial agreement for the Hall was approved with a 3 month contract.
Alcohol beverage licenses were approved for Riener’s Grocery, The Hangout, Coyote’s, Wolftrack and An American Bar. They hadn’t received paperwork yet for RoDonna’s.
In other business, Margo Bambacigno was present with concern about her street. She lives on Church Street on the hilly portion of it east of King Street. She said when she moved in there was an agreement to clear the street at least to her driveway. That hasn’t been done recently with the heavy snow and her garbage is not being picked up. She was asking for some billing relief on garbage if she’s not getting the service. Lynn Thompson said she has discussed this with Walco and they agreed to charge just a half rate, Mayor Holcomb said he would meet with Roy Uhlenkott and get back with her.
The meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m. The next regular meeting will be Monday, Feb. 14 at 7 p.m.

Mayor Keith Holcomb swears in new Cottonwood City Councilor Kristine Holthaus Monday, Jan. 10 at the Council meeting. She replaces Pat Holthaus who retired after over 10 years on the Council.




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