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OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS!!!    JANUARY  31ST, THE FIRST EVER PRAIRIE BOOSTER CLUB POKER RUN GIVES ALL YOU FANS, SUPPORTERS AND ANYONE WHO JUST WANTS TO DO An OUTDOOR ACTIVITY A CHANCE TO GET SOME FRESH AIR.     The Prairie Booster club wants to provide a fun, kind of Covid friendly activity to our spring activities.   So, come join us in a vehicle poker run.   On Jan. 31st starting from 11:30 to 12:30 at the Cottonwood City Park grab your first of five cards and take a look at map of the route and set sail for a pirate adventure.   Take your 4-wheeler, side by side or your pickup or car and make your way around the designated route which wraps around the Cottonwood Butte back into the Westlake area and back on Keuterville road and ends in lively Keuterville.   Hit 3 stations along the way for 3 more cards and pick up your last card in Keuterville to complete your best hand.   Official route will be flexible depending on weather.   All stations must be hit, but roads used and time doing this activity can be up to you.  Five dollars gets you a hand of cards, cash payout for the top 3 hands and a prize for the best dressed pirate will all be part of the fun.   Look for more info on Facebook or the Pirate web.   Mark your calendars.  
In what many thought might be a no go season or a short season, the Pirates basketball teams continue to challenge for State berths.   As I’m sure you folks at home watching on TV or your computers are wondering, we still have Stadium chairs and pirate gear such as hats and shirts available.   To get your full in the game feel, please contact us about any of our gear and keep on cheering for a successful completion of the basketball season.  
The Booster club is staying active and always looking for ways to contribute to the success of our athletic teams and our schools in general.   Getting camera accessories for this year, some new basketballs, Softball equipment, Speakers at the football and track complex have been some recent additions.   Items for all sports and things to benefit kids in the school are always on the table.   We continue to look for new and interested members who would like to help us achieve even more success.  Thank you to all our members for your outstanding support this year.  
And to finish up this Bulletin, I would be remiss to not mention a great member and some one who has been dedicated to this school and all the kids who have walked the halls for many years.    It’s with great condolences to her family but also great gratitude that I mention Mrs. Janet Richardson.    I had the pleasure of having Mrs. Richardson for my 2nd grade teacher in I think 1978-79.   I still have things from her classroom that can be hung up for the holidays.   She was a teacher who cared deeply and wanted the best for her students.   Her dedication to everything Prairie Pirate should serve as a marker for years to come as something to aspire to.   Thank you, Mrs., Richardson from all of us, keep on cheering while watching from above.   I’m sure Mrs. Richardson would send this off with a “ Go Pirates”!!
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