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To the Editor
I was very saddened by Mr. Wren's dehumanizing of 350,000 deaths from the covid virus by his math workings.
We as humans are all connected as being one, as children of the One God. The death of anyone of us diminishes each one of us. and I have felt diminished in some way by each of these lives.  We can't dehumanize these deaths by making them a small percentage of the whole of our population. This does not fit w/ his pro-life declaration. Possibly this is his way of dealing with the tremendous sadness of it all.
Christ gave us the commandment to love others as we love ourselves, and He showed us how to love by His own life here on earth.  We can't diminish the loss of any person's life by this virus, esp. if we can take the steps we were advised to take to prevent as many deaths as possible.  I don't like wearing a mask or being isolated from those I care about, but I do it out of respect and love for myself and for others.  Christ doesn't call on us to do anything more than what He Himself did for us and continues to do. 
I, too, am pro-life----for All life, including the lives of those before being born and all those living until death of old age.  Those lives lost due to covid were valuable lives to God and to all of us.
Our lack of respect through refusing to use precautionary measures affects the medical caregivers who are working long, hard days to save lives affected by this virus, and many of them are dying as a result of their dedication.  As a retired ER/ICU RN I have experienced this kind of workday. I keep them all in my prayers, as well as their families.  They are Heroes in dealing with this serious and dangerous disease.
Mr. Trump LOST the election in a fair and honest election, losing both the popular vote and the electoral college vote.  This is the Reality and the Truth!
Also, I'd like to say that Democratic Socialism is a far cry from Communist Fascism, or Nazi-ism which we have had a glimpse of for the last four years in our own nation!
God bless us all in these difficult times in our nation.  You, too, Mr. Wren are in my prayers, and all those spewing forth all these lies.
Judith Cullinane

Dear Editor,
According to Idaho statute 18-4001, "Murder is the unlawful killing of a human being including, but not limited to, a human embryo or fetus,...". Thus it would appear that abortion is illegal in Idaho. However, it happens legally in Idaho because statute 18-4016 prohibits prosecution of the persons involved.             
It appears that a certain bill may be introduced in the Idaho legislature this year: the Idaho Abortion Human Rights Act (or Idaho AHRA).
This bill treats born and unborn as equal, by applying the law equally, so that the sanctions in place for the killing of the born also apply to the killing of the unborn; in fulfillment of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment: "Nor [shall any State] deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws".
The concept behind this legislation is that which has been the message of the pro-life movement from the beginning: The unborn are fully human, and fully entitled to the right to life as the born. Therefore, by moral necessity the unborn are entitled to the same protection under the law which the born receive.
Isaiah Williams

Redneck Review!
No. 298 - 1/11/2020
Unbelievable!  But we are here!  And you better believe it!  We are 100% of the way down the road to becoming a Marxist Communist nation! Taking over the Senate with the two Georgia runoffs going to the Democrats, amazingly in the same way Trump lost  - in both cases, substantial leads at closing time, showing up just the opposite in the morning, our government is now controlled by the most socialist group in our history!
We should have seen it coming!  And it should seriously concern all true Americans, be they Democrat, Republican or Independent.  The process of arriving at this point has been used repeatedly in the past to take over other nations, most recently Venezuela, which was one of the richer nations in the world just 50 years ago, now in a starvation condition today.
Also, common sense as well as history has warned us that this could happen!  Already back in August of 2015, RNR #16 repeated Alexander Tyler's warning, made about the time we were ready to pick our first president. Tyler was a Scottish history professor, and he had this to say about the fall of Athen's democracy some 2000 years earlier!  Following is from that RNR:
"A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. Democracies continue to exist... until the time they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From then on, the majority always votes for the candidate who promises the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse... which is always followed by a dictatorship."
Tyler continues: "The average age of the world's greatest civilizations  has been about 200 years. (Our nation, with the 1776 Declaration of Independence, is now 245 years old).During those 200 years, those nations always went through the following cycle: From bondage to Spiritual Faith, then to courage, then --> liberty --> abundance --> apathy --> dependency,  back to bondage."
I leave it to each reader to decide if America, the land we are so fortunate to be citizens of, has traveled down the path predicted by Tyler.  And how many of us are aware of what has even happened during the last year leading up to November's election?  If you are a reader only of the sources like newspapers which daily quote the Associated Press, claiming  that the last election was, in words similar to this, "the most accurate and efficient since our nation began," or TV sites like CNN, or the big three NBC, CBS, OR ABC, then you probably are convinced that Biden won fair and square, and that Trump is simply a big complainer and sore loser.  But if you follow other sources, or TV like Fox, or NewsMax, you know there is another side to the story.  For example: Those of us watching NewsMax right up to the disruption heard estimates of a crowd up in the high hundred thousands, including men, women, even children from all over, many of whom were still many blocks away when the violence began.  We also heard Trump's request that the rally move peacefully towards the capitol.  The liberal side painted ALL Trump supporters as violent, when if fact, an old friend of mine who was at the rally told me the Trump crowd had to be over a million, and in general peaceful, similar to the rallies Trump held before the election. He told
me he was actually on the capitol steps and got a whiff of the tear gas flying around, and was convinced the initial violence could be traced to Antifa, etc.  So, folks, there is much more to the story, and do not be surprised at the unbelievable events which could happen in the next weeks!
And perhaps all of us should seriously consider increasing our prayers to the Father above that truth and justice result from the tumult which is likely to follow!
Jake Wren



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