Live Nativity Saturday at Grangeville church
On Saturday, Dec 12 from 9:00 to 11:00 AM, the Grangeville Nazarene Church is hosting a living nativity free of charge.
The church is located at 515 WN 2nd   Street. Due to covid concerns, guests will be asked to  take turns entering the church, to keep the number low  and wear masks (which are provided if needed).
Attendants will take names and cell phone numbers from  guests in their cars to tell people when it is their turn. In  the church, there will be a timeline of Old Testament  characters leading up to the birth of Jesus, with small  gifts for children. Live background Christmas music will  be provided. Outside the back door, there will be live
people and animals representing the nativity. There will  be a breakfast of sausage/egg on an English muffin,  cooked on site and wrapped, with beverages. All are  welcome!









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