10-Week Shoot starts
Week one of the 10 Week Shoot found the members facing winds and light snow, all at a balmy 32 degrees.
Thus keeping any of the shooters from posting a perfect score.  
In the AA Class Darrel Uhlorn came on strong with a 24, followed closely by Jim Ewing and Jake Rowland each posting 23's.  
A Class had Scott Jungert score  a 24, with Jean Spencer and Ralph Terhaar handing in each a 19.
B Class is being led by Bob Lustig with a 22 and JR McAfee and Debby O'Neill each adding a 21.
C Class had it's only shooter with Jeff North posting an 18.
D Class with a strong membership had Jackie Poxleitner and Garrett Schmidt each scoring 23, with Brent Uhlorn right on their tales with a 22.  
The Long Handicap saw Andy Uhlorn and Ralph Terhaar posting 16 and 14 respectively.
Short Handicap was led strong by Brandon Poxleitner with a 24 and Darrel Uhlorn posting up a 23.
Doubles were hit "double hard" by Brandon Poxleitner with a 44 and Jake Rowland with a 40.
Continentals, Jake Rowland pulled out a 23 with Bill Remacle close behind with a 21.
High School Shooters saw Jake Rowland post a 23 with Kami Sickels shooting a 21.
Sub Junior high efforts were by Lane Remacle with a 20 and Derek Arnzen posting a 17.
All are welcome to come out on Sundays.  You don't have to be a member to shoot, but are definitely welcome to join if you would like.  The Kitchen is open all day as well.  Club opens at 8:30 each Sunday for the following nine weeks. 

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