Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

Letter to the Editor

A Man of God and Liberty
For those who may be concerned, our beloved neighbor, friend and brother, Jack McLamb,
passed away Saturday afternoon, January 11th, in Indiana. As many of you know, Jack McLamb was the most highly decorated police officer in Arizona history, but he chose to live among us. He was a man of honor, an advocate of U.S. Constitutional principles, liberty, truth, justice, and integrity in law enforcement; and an enemy of all forms of tyranny, and intolerant of corruption regardless of its origin. He was the author and publisher of “Aid & Abet” newsletter for police and military personnel, which espoused Constitutional integrity in duty, and was the host of a popular informative radio show called “The Officer Jack McLamb Show,” which discussed and exposed various forms of corruption as found in the political arena throughout the world; news which would not be found from mainstream news outlets. Jack was literally one of those courageous souls who wore out his life bringing to light many of the hidden things of darkness that threatened the freedom of, not only this land, but of the world in general. Jack loved and served his Creator. Sincere sentiments to his sweet and lovely wife, Angie, who was his earthly strength and support in his quest for liberty for all. Jack will be missed here, but his work continues elsewhere.
Joseph Grammer

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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