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Redneck Review!
No. 351 - 1/16/22
A GIANT task!  In RNR #350, after a brief discussion of the battle going on today between our traditional FREE ENTERPRISE (Also known as CAPITALISM) economic system, really based on the teachings of Christianity and its founder Jesus Christ, and the current rage, the planned economy closely associated with SOCIALISM, and its next step partner, Communism, the last, sentence there claimed: "It is the intent of these articles to submit the compelling truth of the the claim above" essentially, that all of our current problems threatening the very future of our country can be traced to the current notion that PLANNED ECONOMIES,  like Socialism and Communism, offer us the economic and political solutions to our problems today!
We begin this effort one step at a time.1st, history records numerous attempts by sincere and well intentioned individuals, usually Christian, who attempted to establish an economy which stressed equal sharing of needed items for survival.  One of the first can be found in the Bible, where early Christians often gave their wealth and possessions to the early Church, to be used by all on a need basis. Find and read there the problems which arose, and the explanation for the changes which eventually followed.
And already in these articles, we have reviewed the early efforts in early Jamestown, VA, whose COMMON STOREHOUSE system was a major cause of the "Starvation Time" which followed shortly thereafter.  Leader John Smith can be found, saying in words similar to these: "Certain laggards found they could take from the storehouse without putting in," and only after the system was changed to individual ownership, was it noticed "Housewives and children were found working in the privately owned fields, which allowed the families to keep what was needed, and sell any excess produced " A similar failed attempt was abandoned in Plymouth Colony under William Bradford.
Note that the above examples involved well intentioned Christians, who wanted to establish a sharing community for the benefit of all. And a similar internet search will produce dozens more examples of similar well intentioned individuals whose compassionate attempts to establish a sharing community ended in disaster.  Investigate BROOKS FARM in the early 1840's, led by Unitarian minister George Ripley. One of around "80 utopian  communities launched in the 1840's alone. Members farmed the land together and held the fruits of their labor in common." "Money troubles and internal squabbling eroded the community, which disbanded after only a few years in existence." And what about   NEW HARMONY, started a few years later. Founder Robert Owen, a social  reformer,   "lured away scientists claimed to be the brightest, and most promising in the nation."  They "thrived for four years before collapsing amid disputes over money." (Apple's Siri, also found in a search on Google!)  Also, dozens of more examples of attempts to establish successful sharing communities, for those who want in depth research! And could it be that there is in all of us a somewhat selfish tendency which tempts us to take things for nothing?  Or to take the easier way of alternatives which lead to a desired goal?
Enough! Turn now to a second topic which is related a bit to the fore going, and is equally a significant factor in our current road to destruction! MONEY!  Suddenly, after the lessons of history are buried and thrown away, we are told by the current advocates of MMT (Modern Monetary Theory), that governments and big central banks can key board out of no where, new money by the trillions, based on nothing but paper and cheap ink, and can then throw it around the country generating a roaring stock market, a false sense of security, and a willingness of  many of us to follow the PIED PIPER of inflation to a coming disastrous date with history!
(This is the topic to be taken up in depth next week!)
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