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Dear Editor:
I have a question of grave concern for America's churches:  Exactly WHO is their God?  Put another way, from whence come the orders that, generally, people of faith follow so obediently today?
Centuries ago, their forefathers traversed dangerously wild oceans to escape political and religious tyrannies, seeking a land where they might be free to make unhampered life choices, as guided solely by their personal consciences.
Fast forward to 2020-2021.  In stark contrast, what is it that dictates to believers now??  In large measure, it's ghoulish and greedy pharmaceutical con artists the likes of Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci et al, fully enabled and backed up by equally power-hungry politicians and media moguls.  Shamefully, pitifully, even tragically, these do seem to be the current gods of power and control over our people.
And with the vast majority of our churches being professedly Christian??  How is it that they've forgotten the words of their Founder Who declared of them, "Ye are the salt of the earth, but if the salt itself loses its savor, with what shall it be salted?  It is good for naught but to be cast out and trodden under foot by men."  (Mt. 5:13)
Harsh and searing words indeed, but it wasn't I who spoke them.  High time to rise up, Christians, and spring the trap that's been so cunningly laid for you, lest it soon become too late forever.  Truth be known, our entire world seems to be waiting for you to re-grow a spine, and show the way back to some true faith and freedom!
Carol Asher

Redneck Review!
No. 299 - 1/18/2021
Review time!  Last gasp!  Then a drastic change of pace - hopefully! All because of the disturbing things that have happened during 2020, and are now demanding our attention during these first weeks of 2021. The intention here is to review recent articles, then add a "last gasp"  bit of info that troubled me back in the 1960's when I first started teaching here!
First, the review.  Several times past readers found here accounts of people or events that gave valuable insights into our own future. Reviewed here recently was Scottish professor 99 Alexander Tyler who around 1780, claimed  that democracies  could last only about 200 years before collapsing in bankruptcy.  This happens inevitably once citizens  realized they could demand handouts from government.  He claimed those countries  went through a cycle like this:  Bondage -->to Spiritual faith, -->Courage-->Liberty-->Abundance-->Apathy-->Dependency-->back to Bondage. Knowing the size of our national debt, and the role government has played in our lives in past decades should concern any patriotic citizen!
Revied here recently also was Frederik Bastiat's book THE LAW, written about the same time as Tyler, which claimed that theft, stealing by one person from another who owned it, was very destructive.   But theft, he called PLUNDER became VERY destructive when practiced by government. That is when government takes by force something from a citizen who earned it, TAXES, then gives it to another citizen, it becomes LEGAL, only because a government is doing it.  This LEGAL PLUNDER he claimed will destroy any government which began practicing it. Eventually the plundered demand a share themselves, until plundering governments collapse in debt and controversy.  He claimed he could see bits of this legal plunder beginning in our own country in its earliest years! So, is it happening here?
But what about the experience of Davy Crockett who served in the House of our national government during an event which has been recorded as NOT YOURS TO GIVE? Seems Davy had voted with other House members to give a government grant to families whose homes had burned in Wash D.C. Bumping into an irritated voter, Horatio Bunce that fall, he was lectured on the danger of government handing out dollars from the public treasury. Once started, Bunce argued, favoritism inevitably would creep in, and those closest to the voting officials would get the handouts.  Bunce argued that it would eventually end up with what could be called a REVERSE ROBIN HOOD effect, as the money given away often went to people better off than some of the taxpayers forced to pay! Bunce claimed that eventually all would be demanding the unlawful government gifts!
Finally, the "last gasp" mentioned above! The following quotations found here also on different occasions, are from Cleon Skousen's book, THE NAKED COMMUNIST, written in the 1960's. Skousen, one time employee of the FBI listed there 45 goals of Communism, obtained from one of their earlier annual meetings.  Some of those goals follow: #2 - "U.S. willingness to to capitulate in preference to engaging in atomic war" #12 - "Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party." #15 - "Capture one or both of the U.S. political parties."  #17 - "Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism...Soften the curriculum...Get control of teacher's associations.." #19 - "Use student riots to  foment public protests against organizations under Communist attack." #20 - "Infiltrate the press... get control of editorial writing..." #26 - "Promote homosexuality...promiscuity as normal, natural and healthy." #32 - "Support any socialist movement to give control over...education, etc." (Interested in the other 30+ goals?  Buy the NAKED COMMUNIST!)
Jake Wren


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