Crabtree highlights legislative priorities
District Seven Senator Carl Crabtree is highlighting his top priorities for the 2022 Legislative Session. As Co-Vice Chair of the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee, Sen. Crabtree is highly focused on the proper utilization of tax dollars.
“Idaho’s economic outlook is promising due to a conservative, result-driven approach to government,” said Sen. Crabtree. “That being said, I intend to keep a close eye on budget projections due to the number of pandemic-related uncertainties that threw off our 2021 estimates.”
Additionally, as a member of the Senate Committee on Education, Sen. Crabtree is working to ensure that Idaho students are set up to succeed. That includes a close look at education funding for K-12 schools in Idaho.
“It’s time to act on optional full-day kindergarten. This is a long-term investment that will improve literacy rates and better prepare students for the future,” said Sen. Crabtree. “The data supports it and we can responsibly fund it. Rural Idaho is in trouble with the number of students not prepared for the first grade. We need to help parents prepare their children for success.”
Furthermore, Sen. Crabtree is committed to a successful implementation of broadband in north Idaho. Sen. Crabtree serves as Vice Chair of the Legislative Broadband Committee, which will allocate $35 million state dollars and more than $100 million federal dollars in 2022.








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