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Dear Editor
January 20, 2021, a sad day for truth, justice, and America.
Lucky Brandt

To the Editor,
Over a hundred years ago a group of international banking families took over the US financial system. Thereafter, government operations required borrowing money from them at interest. These banksters were then able to run the economy up and down and make tremendous profits off the people's losses. They were able to finance wars and revolutions and profit from both sides. They backed the Bolshevik revolution in Russia and put Stalin in power, who murdered upwards to 100 million citizens during his reign of terror. They orchestrated the crash of 1929, causing the Great Depression. Then put their Socialist man, FDR, in power to save the day. During his time in office he instituted nine of the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto. They financed and helped put Hitler in power and started World War Two, killing an estimated 70-85 million people. Their goals of the United Nations and the State of Israel were established as a result.
These banksters have robbed 99% of the value of the US dollar and have saddled us with trillions of dollars of debt. They have used their ill-gotten gain to undermine Western Christian Civilization and spread their Socialist/Communist agenda. This is done by controlling news media, Hollywood, Big Tech, social media, labor unions, government agencies, the judicial system, politicians, major corporations, Trusts and Foundations, publishing, education and medicine, etc. The current overthrowing of our country by election fraud, putting their man in power, is an example of their tremendous reach and power.
Their goal is total technocratic world control. Their plan involves genetically modifying all humans, animals and plants on earth, which will allow patenting, controlling and profiting from all life. Their manufactured COVID-19 bio-weapon “Pandemic” is providing an excuse to implement their next step toward trans-humanism via the new “COVID vaccines”. (COVID stands for ‘Certificate of Vaccination ID’). There are several nano-technologies being utilized in these new “vaccines”, which are admitted to not prevent infection, hospitalizations or death. However, the experimental technologies could cause you to be genetically modified, tracked or worse. We are at war. Wake up. Don't take the enemy's  vaccine.
Jay Maxner

Redneck Review!
No. 300 - 1/25/2021
Wow! RNR #300! Nearly six years of printing weekly articles since 2015 in which myself as author have tried to pass on bits and pieces of information acquired over the years, reading hundreds of books and dozens of news letters. In addition to these 300, during the 1980's a similar effort was made under the title LET FREEDOM RING! That effort also lasted five years!
One thing needs to be made clear! Both efforts were fueled by a resolve to pass on to family, friends, neighbors, information which came my way as a result of preparing to teach 53 years of history, government and economics. And basic to it all was the degree earned in 1968 at Reed College in Portland, a master's degree in math following a year's study at San Jose State, in California, and four years of summer study at Reed. Looking back over the years it becomes very clear that events happening today had their beginnings far back decades in our history!
So following is the "drastic change of pace" promised in the opening paragraph of last week's review, getting away for awhile from the past events which have led up to today. So the intent here is to make three points believable, based on info coming from recent news letters read in the past three months. No attempt will be made to document the source of each, but that can be found at the end of this article!
Point #1: Our country is on the brink of disaster because of recent money creation! Several comments follow: 1) "Congress just keeps passing 'stimulus packages' in desperate attempts to 'rescue' the economy." 2) "The size of our money supply is rising at a rate unimaginable just a few years ago." 3) "If we continue destroying the dollar at our current pace, toilet paper will
eventually be more valuable than dollars." 4) "We've never had a year like (last year) in all of U.S. history. What we are doing is basically insane, but most Americans are not even aware of what is happening."
Point #2: The money supply is rising faster than production of goods and services because of the lockdowns! Comments follow: 2) "The Fed just printed (late 2020) $162 billion in 13 days. A tsunami of liquidity is going to hit... in 2021... it's going to unleash hot inflation." 3) "The world
stands on the brink of monetary hyper inflation with U.S. leading the way...Only very few who have an idea of monetary history... are aware of the impending crisis." 3) "We are in the last stages of the fiat endgame where money creation goes vertical, quickly leading to becoming worthless, as happened in Venezuela... and of course, hyperinflation is a great way to pay off debt, because you can do so with worthless currency."
Point #3: Inflation will cause sharp increases in the value of gold and silver! Comments follow: 1)New York billionaire Thomas Kaplan... "sees the price for this metal (gold) rocketing much higher in the coming years. 'I have zero doubt that gold will go to $2000, $3000, $5000, and possibly much further beyond that...' " 2) "All the forces driving gold higher are also in place for silver... it has industrial demand as a kicker. I see silver outpacing gold's gains for 2021." 3) The same Kaplan above sees silver as "gold on steroids"...adding that "there is no reason it can't go to $100 an ounce." Because of the current shortage, some have predicted it could
go over $500 an ounce! (My comment!)
Most of the quotations above have come from Investment Rarities twice monthly, MARKET UPDATE, available for purchase at $49/year or free to customers! Call 800-328-1860! And ask for Bill Collins if interested in buying! This company very reliable...will buy back!
Jake Wren


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