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Redneck Review!
No. 353 - 1/30/22
Back to the current effort!  To prove that the amazing and unique record set by our country, the United States, clearly traces back to the Founding Father's belief in a creator God, and HIS man-God son Jesus Christ and the way of life taught and followed determined by the Ten Commandments and the Greatest Commandment of all: "Love God with whole heart and soul and neighbor as oneself."  Along with this most basic philosophy naturally followed the economic beliefs in FREE ENTERPRISE, or Capitalism as it was once understood. This  idea preached individual effort, concern for neighbor, private property ownership, and a profit motive that based material welfare on the individual's ability to meet the needs of his neighbor with quality products at a best available price.  This unique combination propelled the new United States to a dominant position in the world's economies, making it in a brief period of time the most free, the wealthiest, the most envied of all older nations on earth.  A brief study of the immigration statistics over the past couple of hundred years is all the proof needed by a reasonable person.  And current immigration problems enforce this conviction!
The above combination of belief in God and the clear responsibility placed on each individual to care for himself, his family, and the special needs of his disadvantaged neighbors, naturally led to a government with the people in command.  In prior RNR's, we proved that the American system could be represented this way:  God-->People-->State Gov's-->The Constitution-->National Gov.  Essentially, this says that the PEOPLE are the BOSS, and that government at the national level is the SERVANT, with essentially two responsibilities: First, to protect the people and the nation from outside threats, and second, to protect the people from threats from inside from those who would violate personal or property rights. Our original Declaration of Independence and Constitution often quoted here prove this relationship and duty beyond any doubt!  
But history also records example after example of groups who have attempted to build a system of government and economics based on community sharing.  The record shows, however, that EVERY EFFORT to do so has collapsed in the past!  Examples are found in the Bible among
the earliest Christians, in the early colonies like the STOREHOUSE systems in Jamestown and the Plymouth Colony. Also in many other examples quoted here of serious people who simply could not make shared community efforts work.  It seems that history teaches us that in each of
us there is a tendency to take the easy way, to accept things that are free instead of using our human effort to earn them. This human tendency triggers repeated efforts historically to develop systems where people can live comfortably by drawing on the efforts of the community (like the
STOREHOUSE of early American history!). Folks!  History records the failure of one effort after another to make this kind of system work!
So what do we have today?  A resurrected STOREHOUSE system grabbed onto by the modern believers in two basic convictions. One, that MAN is totally responsible for his own future, and that all older beliefs in a loving God is old-fashioned and outdated, and that SOCIALISM is the key today to equal shares of all the good things needed in life, based on the PLANS of human experts in government and national banks.  But is this not just a repeated belief in the old and failed STOREHOUSE systems of the past?  And is not the "Guru of prosperity"  today not the 
world wide acceptance of John Maynard Keynes and his theory that governments and banks can "Apply the brakes" and "Step on the gas" of the national economy to fight off out-of-control booms and inflation on the one hand, and recessions and depressions on the other? And what
do we have today, brought on by these failed theories?  A huge and growing national debt, and threats of inflation which, once out of control, brings increased poverty to middle class citizens!
Jake Wren




Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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