Rockwell will not seek third term
As promised when first elected, Idaho County Commissioner James Rockwell will not seek re-election to a third term. Following is the statement issued by Rockwell:
Without new people and fresh ideas, our democratic system of government rots. Failure follows. The current incompetence in Congress shows this. Too many years in office, too little interest in the people, too self-important. Politicians should be replaced often.
In January, 2015, my second term as an Idaho County Commissioner will come to an end. As promised when you elected me, two terms is my limit. I have thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of serving you. At the end of my term, it will be someone else’s turn.
It is satisfying to consider what we have accomplished together:
* Held the property tax levy unchanged for five years, and decreased the size of the county government while increasing its efficiency.
* Reopened what is now Blue North Mill and secured a competitive timber market and 50 jobs in the process.
* Brought Larson’s Department Store to Idaho County, and in that process filled a big Main Street vacancy in the County Seat and created half a dozen jobs.
* Put 55 unemployed Idaho County citizens to work in the forest during the four worst years of the Great Recession.
* Installed the Automated Weather Service System at the Idaho County Airport, increasing the number of landings there and doubling county AvGas profits from $50,000 to $100,000 per year.
* Created Idaho County Recycling, the Northwest’s most successful no-cost, all-volunteer recycling program.
* Constructed the Idaho County Search and Rescue Building.
* Developed Warbird Weekend, which now attracts 3,000 people per year.
* Obtained a signed 20-year, 40,000 square foot lease for commercial expansion at the airport.
* Stopped the “Welfare Mall” initiative at the old USFS Building in Grangeville, paving the way for the expansion of three private, for profit business there.
* Cut the length of Commission meetings in half, proving that the Idaho County Commission is, in fact, a part-time job.
I saw such excellence from those citizens who inspired and helped make these ideas reality. What a privilege to work with each of you. Thank you.
James Rockwell

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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