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Redneck Review!
No. 355 - 2/13/22
An effort is made here to conclude the claim first made in RNR #351; our country is suffering from a near terminal condition caused by changing beliefs in three areas, moral, political, and economical. However feeble it might seem to be, it is still insisted here that the use of common sense and good logic tells us what is going wrong!
Morally, a close study of history, and the common consensus of dozens of very intelligent experts,  supports the claim made here that as a nation and as a people we are slowly abandoning the belief that a Creator God is in charge, and that we, HIS creatures, need to live by a few basic requirements; the Ten Commandments, and the Commandment, "Love God and neighbor as yourself." Its place is replaced by the idea that people can follow their own conscience, even supporting abortion, while trusting experts to deal with "climate change" and health decisions; to require masks, vaccination, regulating contact with neighbors, school friends, or others. Coupled with the requirement that the decisions made by those experts must be followed, regardless of personal objections, seems that we are there folks, expected to do as we are told! In other words, CANCEL FREEDOM!
What about the political area?  Is it not true that we have gradually allowed our country to stray away from its original position that a God respecting people are in total command of important political decisions, carried forth by elected officials first at the local area, then the state and finally the national government. This relationship has been illustrated here by the diagram:  God-->People-->State Gov-->National Gov, and is supported easily by a
study of the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. But in our country today,  it is claimed here,  that a diagram illustrating the situation is simply: Gov-->People!  No recognition of a Supreme Creator and law giver. But simply believe that experts in charge have the same power as dictators in past history, to rule exactly as they choose!
Finally, in the economic category, the traditional belief in FREE ENTERPRISE based on beliefs in private property ownership, a profit motive dependent on the ability to supply needs of people at the lowest cost, and a respect for others as required by the Greatest Commandment, is being replaced by the failed claims of SOCIALISM, claiming a virtual utopia on earth can be attained by entrusting experts at the government level to distribute the wealth of a nation equally to all people based on "need." History, and common sense tells us that this requires enforcement from those in charge, eventually always leading to the ruthless and failed system of COMMUNISM. The gradual trip going from that Free Enterprise to that potential destiny was given a big boost by the enthusiastic acceptance of the theories of John Maynard Keynes. He sold us the bill of goods that governments and big banks could guarantee good economic conditions always, by "Stepping on the accelerator", with big increases in money and low or zero interest rates when recession or depression threatens. Then "Apply the brakes", raise interest rates and pull money out of circulation  when booming and  surging economies threaten out of control or "hyper inflation" like that going on in Venezuela today.
But as has been claimed here before, the failure of that system is predictable!  Sure, low, even zero interest rates and money dumped into an economy by the billions (Or trillions!) does indeed create booming stock markets and easy "wealth," as it certainly has in our country!  But the flip side in countries where "experts" need the vote of people, RARELY HAPPENS!  Common sense tells us "experts" are not going to interfere long with a booming economy and the wealth that results, potentially crashing stock markets, and  causing bankruptcies by raising interest rates and denying loans!   Political suicide!
Jake Wren




Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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