From the Police Chief
During the recent road closure the Baptist Church, with support from the Community and Catholic Church, provided temporary shelter to about 30 stranded travelers.  I have recently met with both churches to discuss emergency plans for our fine community.  While Pastor Dan Coburn explained that the community was more than supportive, it was identified that the only thing missing was perhaps cots, or air mattresses, for folks to sleep on.
I am checking through assorted surplus property listings, however, the leadership at both churches recommended a simple solution...ask folks to help. 
If you have a cot that you no longer use and don't need, or an air mattress that is no longer needed (and doesn't leak, please) you might consider donating it for this need.  The items would be stored at Cottonwood City Hall and be loaned out to whichever facility is the hospitality shelter in the event this need comes up again, then returned to storage.
Pretty simple, you would be getting rid of something you don't need and helping others at the same time!  If you feel that you would like to donate, please contact either Pastor Coburn at Emmanuel Baptist Church or Father Paul Wander at St Mary's Catholic Church or Chief Cochran at Cottonwood City Hall.
Thank You for any assistance, and please know that it is appreciated.





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