Two local girls compete at Clarkston meet
By Diana Remacle
This week, ten-year-old Marjorie Remacle and seven-year-old Harper Blewett both competed for 360 Gymnastics at another gym battle hosted by their home club in Clarkston, WA.  This time, COVID restrictions prevented anyone from attending the meet. 
Marjorie Remacle, a student at Prairie Elementary, competed in the XCEL Silver class at 3:00pm.  She is the daughter of William and Diana Remacle of Cottonwood and this is her third year in competitive gymnastics.  Here, she continued the trend of high scores and placed first all around with a score of 37.50.  This time she started with the Uneven Bars and received a 9.3 after a bit of a bobble on the dismount; however, she still placed second in this event.  Next was the Balance Beam, here Remacle smashed her previous high score with a 9.45 and placed first in this event.  Following Beam was floor and here Remacle again placed first with a 9.3.  Additionally, she competed a roundoff back handspring back tuck for the first time in this event, which is considered an XCEL Gold skill.  Finally, she competed in Vault and placed first with a 9.45.  According to her parents, “It is gratifying to watch Marjorie reach for her goals at every opportunity.” Additionally, the Silver team placed first at the meet. 
Later that evening Harper Blewett, a second grade student at Saints Peter and Paul, competed in the XCEL Bronze class.  Miss Blewett is the daughter of Colby and Angela Blewett of Grangeville and this is her first year in competitive gymnastics.  Blewett received a 9.1 on Vault.  She received a 9.35 on Bars, which earned her a second placement on this event.  Next was Beam, and again she placed second with a 9.15.  Finally, she completed her floor routine and scored a 9.0.  Her total score was 36.60 where she earned a Second place All Around medal.  According to her parents, “there is no better feeling than seeing your child succeed at something they have been working very hard to perfect.”  Additionally, the Bronze team placed second at the meet.
Stay tuned because these two young dynamos will be competing again over the first weekend in March at 360 Gymnastics’ annual Winter Spirit Meet.  These two up and comers are sure to excite people with their feats of strength and poise. 

Marjorie Remacle

Harper Blewett








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