Drawing winners are named
Despite the basketball game being cancelled Monday, the winners were drawn in the 2021 Prairie Graduation Party prize drawing Monday, Feb. 15 at the High School Gym.
Below is a list of each prize, donor and winner:
$200 donated by Casey & Jenny Arnzen, Rob Stinson.
$200 donated by Law Office of Summer A. Emmert, Dean & Nicki Shears.
1 cord of firewood donated by Keith & Aleta Coppernoll, Mike & Debbie Rose.
50 lbs., Hamburger donated by Dale & Jeanne Stubbers, Bud Buller
Digital Family Portrait Sitting donated by Schlader Photography, Dave Shears.
Case IH Gift Basket donated by St. John Hardware, Mandy Riener.
Handmade Quilt donated anonymously, Casandra Coppernoll.
30 lbs. Hamburger donated by Stephen & Deanna Goeckner, Gary Riener.
$100 donated by Mike & Tara Duclos, Erika Buitraga.
$100 Intermountain Feed Gift Certificate donated by Mark & Rachel Gehring, Brenda Chase.
$100 donated by Joe & Denise Ross, Polly Mozingo.
$100 donated by Toby & Rachel Schwartz, Rebecca Seubert.
$100 donated by Tiny Tots Preschool, David & Erin Shears, Janae Blood.
$50 donated by Angie Bedard, Tyson Schlader.
$50 donated by Brett & Cara Uhlenkott, Jackson Enneking.
$50 donated by Jason 7 Kathy Uptmor, Mike & Debbie Rose.
Movie Night Gift Basket donated anonymously, Kyle Neal.
Game Night Gift Basket donated by Heath & Tara Klapprich, Sharon Blackmer.
Mary Kay Gift Basket donated by Heather Lightfield, Matt & Linda Beckman.
Campfire Gift Basket donated by Stan & Cassi Lockett, Kim Coppernoll.
Baby Shower Gift Basket donated by Archie & Monica Nuxoll, Michelle Hausladen.
Spa Day Gift Basket donated by Archie & Monica Nuxoll, Jason McMinn.













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