SMH Radiology Department updates machines
St Mary’s Radiology Department updated their machines to Direct Digital Radiology Equipment this past month. The director of Radiology, Steve Wilson states, “It is great to have this technology to compete and stay current with medical advancement in our surrounding area. These new machines give us the opportunity to give patients the same medical experience as the larger hospitals that are in the Pacific Northwest.” The department installed a new Portable machine that allows for quick pictures and faster access for the doctors at the bed side. As well as, a new machine in the department. These will both aid in quicker response times for doctors and medical staff.
This is a huge benefit to our Patients and our Hospital. Direct Digital imaging allows the department to use less radiation dose to the patient. In fact, the new machine uses of the radiation dose that the previous machine needed. This is the largest benefit to the patient. Overall image quality is also much more enhanced. This should help our Doctors with quicker diagnosis and treatment of the patient. It allows the doctor to see much more edge enhancement which will allow them to see much smaller fractures or pathology at an earlier stage. Lastly, the technology is much more efficient in processing the images, therefore, there is less down time and waiting for the patient.
Wilson and the Radiology Department would like to thank Steve Frei and the St Mary’s Hospital Administration and Foundation for pushing to receive the new machines and for moving our hospital forward in the 21st century of medicine.

Members of the Radiology Department at St. Mary’s Hospital are shown with their new machine. In the top photo from left are Kristi Poxleitner, Jessica Stewart and MaKayla Williams. In the lower photo from left are Taylor Cash, Steve Wilson and Dan Reel. Photos by Kim Johnson. 



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