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To the Editor,
The far right and far left are holding hands.
It appears that some of the far right have gone so far right they have met up with the radical far left!
For example, just look at the number of Idaho Freedom Foundation board members and followers who are donating to a former Democratic Senator campaign for Idaho Superintendent of Public Education.  How can anyone who considers themselves right leaning support candidates running for public office who has supported the Democratic platform?
Additionally, just look at those 'self-proclaimed conservatives' who are blindly suggesting that our Legislators are slacking in their Constitutional duty by not "fully funding" education.  What does a "fully funded" education system look like or cost?  I have never (including during my three terms in the Idaho Senate) heard what that amount would be.
Where do these radical left and radical right folks think the money will come from?  They seem to think that your front left pocket is deeper/better than your right rear pocket.  Oh, and they want the State to just extract it from you without your vote.
As a responsible Conservative, I can never justify an open check book for anything.  I want to know what specifically needs to be funded. I want to know what our tax dollars are being used for.
Every year, the Legislature has meetings and hearings with regards to funding.  That is the opportunity for administrators from the education system to come in and make their pitch for increased funding. The responsible conservatives we have voted into our Legislature are wise to resist the calls to 'just give us more". 
Skip Brandt

The Lies of War
We have been lied to about every war we have become involved in for over a 100 years. Our government knew that the Lusitania would be sunk when sent into the German patrolled waters. It was intentionally allowed to anger the public and get their support to enter the war. Our military knew about the impending attack on Pearl Harbor and ordered the fleet to stay in port to maximize damage and loss of life. Again, to turn public sentiment, which was opposed to entering the war.
It is now known that our government lied about the Gulf of Tonkin "Incident", which started the Vietnam "police action". It was a false flag lie. Also, we were not there to stop Communism. Standard Oil supplied oil to Communist North Vietnam, via Haiphong Harbor, throughout most of the war. The CIA's Air America ran a heroin smuggling operation out of Cambodia throughout the war. I personally know a Marine Engineer that built runways in poppy fields in Cambodia for Air America's planes to land. Colonel Bo Gritz, one of the Marine Corps most decorated Viet Nam vets, went to Cambodia years later and interviewed a major Drug Lord, verifying the US involvement in the Heroin trafficking, even implicating the White-house. I have watched a video of the interview.
We lied to Iraq, telling them we would not get involved with their dispute with Kuwait. Soon after Iraq invaded Kuwait, operation Desert Storm began. On 911, we were told that several young Arabs from Saudi Arabia flew airliners into the Twin Towers, causing their collapse. Using this as a pretext, we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. A military whistle-blower says that we invaded Iraq for the purpose of establishing 5 large military bases, from which to control the mid-east. Reportedly, a deal allowing Unocal Oil to run a pipeline through Afghanistan had been canceled and growing poppies for heroin production was being discouraged. It was time for “regime change”.
Now, while Russia responds to Ukraine separatist's request for protection from Ukraine and NATO forces, we are being lied to once again. Question and verify.
Jay Maxner

To the Editor,
The Slippery Road to Slavery II
So in just a few words I am going to try to give you some hints on what real law is.
First of all, there are only two basic types of law, one is real, the other is like much of our mass media – fake.
The real law stems from the Bible which stems from the idea of a creator and is where true inalienable rights can only come from – a source outside of mankind. If man didn’t make it, it can’t be rightfully taken away by man.
The fake law is man-made. It historically comes from Nimrod, through Babylon, through Pergamos through Rome, and finally makes its way via the canon law of the Catholic Church into every nation on earth.
So what marks real law? Real law has these attributes:
It is self consistent.
It is unambiguous.
It is just.
It does no harm.
Law is not just some body of elected officials making arbitrary rules and regulations to dictate their will over the citizen. It is not a written form of dictatorship. Beware the leven of the Pharisees!
The two distinguishing philosophies of these two types of law are:
Do no harm (real)
The Ends Justifies the Mean (fake)
I will discuss these ideas further in part III.
Sanford Staab

Redneck Review!
No. 358 – 3/7/22
Last week and attempt was made to identify necessary conditions needed to create a basic set of political and economic conditions which would result in an environment of peace and prosperity like we have had in our recent past history. That quest led back to the history of our own country, as no nation has produced the rapid growth found here and also the enviable life styles that have quickly made our country the envy of all nations. History proves this and one who denies it simply ignores the hard facts!
A study and analysis of the makeup of our own early history speaks loudly and logically to the Christian heritage that is found there. A provable adherence to the teachings of the “Man of all Ages,” who was born and lived some 2000 years ago! Simply put, that teacher taught our forefathers and the generations which followed that we are all created by a loving God, which makes us all brothers, and thus all should be treated as everyone likes himself to be treated. A few rules known historically as the Ten Commandments provided a road map for day to day living, and the promise of an award or punishment after death was held out as the result of choices made in life. The facts are there, and history tells the story! We in this country now live in the most free, the most prosperous, and the envy of most people on this earth. At least, that is the way it used to be! Check the influx at our southern border if solid proof is needed!
Now however, common sense and the testimony of a huge number of historians tell us that things have changed. Bluntly, we as a nation have drifted away from a conviction that a God is in charge, and have followed modern pied pipers who tell us that our future is in our own hands, and the big governments and banks like we have can create a literal utopia on earth where we can live with equal enjoyment of the good things in life.
The possibility of this happening has also been given its record in history. In brief, it almost exactly duplicates a huge dairy herd, each member of which gets its daily ration of food and care, so long of course that each produces a daily quota of output! And the destiny of those who fail, extermination! Totally blind is the reader of history who does not see this happening over and over by one country after another, each trying to set up that type of system on earth! The signs are obvious, much like one might find along a highway which says, “Danger! Bridge out ahead!” Only the demented will continue down that road to destruction, given such a clear picture of what is going to happen! Might I suggest folks, that we are on the same path today, and unless we wise up, our future will record the disaster on the horizon.
What evidence is there for all to see, that we are now traveling at breakneck speed down this road to disaster? Really simple for those who have a willingness to see! Two very trusty indicators are shouting out “Danger ahead!” Take a look at the five year history of gold and silver to see what is happening to those age old indicators of the health of any money system. On both five year graphs you will see big increases in price, indicative of the state we are in since about five years ago. Gold has moved from a level near $1,000/oz. to around $2,000 lately, while silver have moved likewise from around $15 to near $30 itself. Experts predict prices as high as $10,000 or more for gold, and silver might well pass the $2,000 price of gold today! But for a much clearer picture of today’s economy, take a look at inflation prices! Local gas prices have jumped from about $3.67 the past year to near $4.20 the last day or two! Grocery prices are doing the same! All predictable! And going to get much worse! And now we may have stumbled into a regional war between Russia and Ukraine, which may well have been avoided had we maintained our world’s biggest producer of fossil fuels just a year ago or so!
Jake Wren







Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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