Holman connects with students
Physician Assistant Kari Holman shared her passion for healthcare and the human body with the prairie elementary kindergarten and first grade classes.
It was a very fun and interactive lesson and included a puzzle to build the human body each organ system at a time, testing reflexes, listening to each others heart with the Stethoscope, looking at X-rays, and studying a cow heart.
All photos below provided by Kari Holman.

Kari Holman shows Prairie Elementary students a cow’s knee joint and different types of bone and cartilage.

Holman and the kindergartners with a calf's heart.

Holman shows an X-Ray to the first graders.

David Quintal is not too sure about handling a calf's heart.

Asher Graham-Allman was a little less squeamish handling a calf's heart.

Ava Nuxoll tries out the stethoscope.





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