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To the Editor
Despite what some news stories have claimed, there is significant opposition to Rep. Mike Simpson’s dam breaching plan.
Many groups and individuals, including farmers, that are opposed to dam breaching are supportive of salmon in Idaho, but not through drastic measures such as this that would forever alter our way of life in Idaho.
Consider these facts:
About 14 million metric tons of wheat destined for export move through the Columbia-Snake River system annually, including about 50 percent of Idaho’s wheat.
Barging wheat down the river system is the most environmentally friendly and economic way to transport wheat to the world.
Wheat farmers would be devastated by dam removal. Wheat is grown in 42 of Idaho’s 44 counties and wheat farmers brought in $525 million in farm-gate revenue in 2020.
Wheat and barley are important parts of many Idaho farmers’ crop rotations and the impact of dam removal would be widely felt throughout Idaho agriculture.
People and businesses in Idaho and the PNW enjoy some of the lowest power rates in the nation and that would change if those hydroelectric dams are removed.
A study commissioned by the Pacific Northwest Waterways Association found that shifting transportation of commodities from river barges to truck and rail, which would happen with dam removal, would increase carbon and other harmful emissions by more than 1.3 million tons per year and it would take about 35,000 rail cars or 135,000 semi-trucks to move all the cargo that is barged on the Snake River.
Idaho County Farm Bureau Board
Sheryl Nuxoll, President

Dear Editor
This is a proposal for a pop-quiz for all who voted for the Biden-Harris ticket; a few short questions to be answered by a simple yes or no. Reasons for your answers may be provided if you so choose!
1. Are you in favor of the cancellation of the XL Pipeline?
2. Do you approve of open borders?
3. Is the "cancel culture" constitutional?
4. Are you comfortable wearing a mask for months in the future?
5. Do you believe voting regulations should be uniform and constitutional?
6. Do you agree that the1.9 trillion dollar "Covid Aid Package" should pay for the bankrupt Democrat-run states? And do you understand that much of that will be paid out several years in the future covering pet "pork" projects in regions under Democrat control?
7. Are you in favor of our Capitol being a constantly fenced fortress with National Guard by the thousands?
If our country doesn't get back to normal quickly it will no longer be "the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Please think about current events and the way they are shaping our future lives.
Glenn Richey

Redneck Review!
No. 306 - 3/7/2021
A look back! Two weeks ago, in RNR 304, brief comments were made about the first weeks of our new Biden administration!  It was observed that we now have a totally socialistic government, with the House, the Senate, and the presidency now in their control. Only the Supreme Court leans traditional after the three appointments of former president Trump. Even this could be in jeopardy as Biden has hinted that he might "pack the court," which would require four new liberal justices to over come their current 6 - 3 minority. His effort would take us back to FDR's attempt in the 1930's!
Noted also in that review, Biden has rejoined the Paris Accord, and has stopped the construction of the pipeline bringing crude oil from Canada, all to further their goal to do away with fossil fuels and switch to "clean energy," so to stop "climate change" and "global warming." Included also in that review was Texas's record cold weather, which we just heard by phone,  caught our son, Fr. Bruce Wren there is freezing cold weather!
And the total destruction of hundreds of wind farms there have left thousands without any power in that unusual freezing weather. Maybe we should  recall the words of John Casey, who in his book DARK WINTER, claims, "We are at the end of modern global warming, with a long term drop in Earth's average temperature, caused by 'solar hibernation.' The next climate change involves 20-30 years of deep and dangerous cold weather."
Maybe also a good time to review the "Medieval Maximum,"  the "Modern Maximum," or at the other extreme, the "Maunder Minimum" or the "Dalton" Minimum," the latter two we are told by experts were caused by reduced sun spot activity or "Sun hibernation."
The Medieval Maximum period research tells us, happened around 1000 to 1250 A.D. while the "Modern Maximum" period extends roughly from 1900 to 2020. At the other extreme, the Maunder Minimum is the period  from 1650 - 1700 when temperatures dropped dramatically by "Sun hibernation." Also the case with the Dalton Minimum, a similar cold period roughly from 1790 - 1820. So what about the proposed   "Modern Minimum" ahead of us, claimed to be a coming cold period starting about 2015, lasting to around 2050, with the lowest temperatures predicted about 2035?
Why might it be asked, is the information above important?  Simply because our new administration has claimed and is determined to eliminate all fossil fuels and replace them with solar, wind, and other clean sources of energy. Despite the fact that estimates exist that those energy sources can never replace the 85% of our total energy needs today that are currently supplied by those same fossil fuels!
Maybe we ask why we are never told of  the "Global Warming Petition Project" linked to the faculty and staff of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, which lists by state 31,487 scientists, including 9,029 with PhDs? The Petition reads "We urge the U. S. government to reject the global warming agreement written in Kyoto, Dec. 1997...proposing limits on green house gasses..." The Petition goes on to say "There is no convincing scientific evidence...that such gases...cause catastrophic heating..."  The actual site with the lists of the names by state is easily documented by a Safari search:  www.oism.org.  Other search engines used in the past would give me the same, but difficult if not impossible to use today!  Censored???
Maybe now is not the time to stop our primary sources of heat and dependable energy!
Jake Wren







Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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