Crabtree to seek re-election
Senator Carl Crabtree has officially filed for his re-election bid to represent District 7 in the Idaho State Senate. Crabtree, a Grangeville rancher, brings an effective, conservative, and logical voice to the Capitol.
“Experience matters if you want to get things accomplished in Boise,” said Crabtree. “We have been able to push through conservative bills that help rural Idaho and avoid unnecessary long term financial commitments. That’s because I stick to three principles…eliminate government waste, require outcome-based solutions, and continuing the fight for strong economic growth. If we continue to do that, we’ll set our children and grandchildren up for success.”
Sen. Crabtree has taken the charge to avoid wasteful spending in his role as Co-Vice Chair of the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee. This committee sets budgets for all agencies across the Gem State. As Idaho’s economy and population continue to grow, Crabtree believes the need for responsible oversight of taxpayer funds is essential.
Additionally, Crabtree serves on the Senate Education Committee, Broadband Committee, Federalism Committee, and the Senate Transportation Committee. In these roles, Crabtree is leading the push to raise literacy rates and provide broadband internet access to people in rural Idaho, while protecting Idaho values for freedom and liberty. Crabtree has also been elected to serve as the Senate Republicans’ representative to the Legislative Council
Crabtree, a proud University of Idaho alumni, has utilized his degree in plant science, chemistry, and animal science as a rancher, and industry leader. He has been elected President of multiple statewide organizations, including the Idaho Cattle Association. His work in these areas have earned him a number of awards, including the Idaho Cattle Association’s, “Cattleman of the Year” award and Beef Magazine’s, “Trailblazer of the Year”.
However, his most notable accomplishments are his 47-year marriage to Carolyn, their three children, and first grandson!

















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