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To the Editor,
Thank you Commissioner Brandt for starting a conversation on protecting and not infringing on the “Constitutional Rights” of the people to keep and bear arms, and that right shall not be infringed. I would dare to offer that the good Commissioner’s reasons for his reluctance to the idea of Idaho County as a sanctuary county protecting the Second Amendment are not devoid of valid concerns. Our real adversaries are Marxist radicals who have laid claim to the democrat party, and whose leadership is hell-bent on destroying not only our rights to keep and bear arms but every other God-given right stated in our Constitution and  Bill of Rights. According to them the only rights that allow for individual freedom and liberty will come from them.
The fundamental truths that form the foundation of human nature are being undermined. From critical race theory to the insane idea that young men should be able to compete against young women because they identify as a girl are an afront to reality and truth. The first of these self-evident truths being that we were created by God and endowed by Him with certain and defined unalienable rights.
These very statements would get me banned from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and I would dare say many democrats would applaud the action to silence my right to freedom of speech. What has happened to the ability to engage in the arena of ideas and debate them?
There is no search for truth today in what the democrat party espouses because they do not wish to discern the truth that is outside of what government will determine as the truth. Their party platform at the national convention even removed any reference to God.
Yes we are in a battle for truth and I believe Commissioner Brandt is seeking that; we have an opponent and it is not the good commissioner.
Jim Chmelik

Redneck Review!
No. 307 - 3/14/2021
A step back and away from topics discussed lately! The following is a collection of bits and pieces of older RRR articles which discussed issues which are clearly on our minds during these mid-March days of changing weather.
>From RNR 153, March of 2018, we recall the following:
"Folks, it is GAME TIME!  I can still hear that comment made by an old student of mine I will simply call, 'Rod!'  Rod was the District 2 basketball tourney announcer, here in Lewiston, ID, for as long as I can remember!
"Yes, it definitely is GAME TIME!  Right now we are closing in on the MAD MARCH rush to the FINAL FOUR...and in just a few days, all 68 teams except one which started this national tourney will end their struggles with a loss. Only one will go home with a win in their last game!" (And for many in this area, it is hoped that local Gonzaga, ranked #1, will be that only one!) "Yes, it is GAME TIME, but most of us will admit that it is also game time for more important struggles!  In fact it is claimed here that two very different game times are going on in the lives of all of us.  The first is the one involving each of us and each individual living today.  And the second would involve our country itself.  In each case, there are many important struggles going on which will  result in favorable or unfavorable results!"
>From RNR 142,  January of 2018, we read the following:
"ONE POWER!  In these days of huge numbers like 'billions' and 'trillions' which are used to describe our national debt,... it might be well to stop for a moment and think about the impact a single person can have... on the world around us. And then act on it in a positive way! The fact is that the large numbers tend to cause a growing sense of futility concerning any impact at all one person might have on anyone or anything.
"Indeed, is it not true that even the seemingly most insignificant person will in some small way cause a slight change in the world of tomorrow? It does happen even if we fail to realize it! Compare it perhaps to the small ripple which is detected when even a small rock is tossed into a calm lake.  The impact spreads out in expanding circles, admittedly growing smaller as they proceed, but still changing forever the makeup of that small body of water! Harder to see of course, is the impact that small rock has in a turbulent and wild body of water! But can we not conclude that the entire world itself is different because of that one person's life and actions? And that in some small way, tomorrow and the years ahead will be better or worse because of the short time each of us have here?"
My current comment!  Certainly we live in "turbulent times,"  and the huge numbers we deal with tend to make us feel unable to make a difference!  But like the "small rock" tossed in the water, even though "turbulent" in the example above, there are examples of individuals who "toss that rock" and do impact the future!  I cite for one example, a short letter which appeared in our local Chronicle a couple of weeks ago, where a young man, unnamed here, noted that he returned his "Impact Payment" to our representative, Russ Fulcher, because 'I don't need it,' and the 'government has no place in charity. You do, I do.'  Wow!  We all know this is true! So sincere compliments to that young man!  Think of the impact it would have on our current national debt and disastrous annual government fiscal problems if  more of us would do the same!! Read that letter, and come here next week for a return to another RNR for more earlier suggestions!
Jake Wren






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