Old Elementary School to be turned into apartments
The old Elementary School Building is getting turned into a 10 plex. They will be all 2 bedroom units with 1 bath.  They hope to have rentals available sometime Summer 2021.  For information on Rental contact Faith Roy at Roy Properties 208-507-2004
 They bought the old school property with plan to help out seniors and as well as improve the town.  The first building which was the administration building was completed last year about this time but had limited senior interest.  With the lacking interest by senior we allowed others to rent and have filled it up with great renters from all ages. 
With the school building setting empty now for 6+ years we either saw options to put it into something or tear it down. With the lack of house they opted to improve the structure into the noted 10 apartments. 

Ryan Uhlenkott identifies the rooms by who was teaching there when he attended Prairie Elementary. Above would have been Mr. Jennings' room.

Mrs. Arnzen's room.

Mrs. Jennings' room.

Mrs. Richardson's room.

Ms. Dobbs' room. All photos by Ryan Uhlenkott.











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