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Redneck Review!
No. 308 - 3/21/2021
Folks! We are on the brink! The brink of totaling losing all that we have been blessed with, in this most free and prosperous country ever recorded in history! Is it possible that anyone out there, reader or non reader alike, can argue that life in this country in the past has not been the best ever recorded in human history? What else could be inspiring the massive number of people who are swarming into our country from our southern border? Is that a myth, or is it true? Are we not considered to be the envy of all mankind?
But, are we not in danger of losing all that our ancestors have given us? Are we not facing the same fate that has fallen on Venezuela? About 50 years ago it was one of the wealthiest nations in S. America and indeed, even in the world! But today, easily researched evidence tells us that folks are starving there, forced to live with an explosive inflation in the past few decades. One which possibly exceeds the unbelievable inflation rate after the fall of the Weimar Republic in Germany after WWI! Apple's Siri tells us that Venezuela's inflation rate was 69% in 2014, rose to 181% in 2015, 4000% in 2017, and is unbelievably higher today. Google gives Venezuela's inflation rate as 62.1% in 2014, 255% in 2016 and 65,374% in 2018! A bit of difference between the statistics to be sure, but regardless, both sets of stats qualify for HYPER INFLATION! As one simple example, a candy bar that would cost say $1 in 2013, using even the smaller claim, Google's, would cost $653.74 in 2018!
And who were the leaders in Venezuela the last two decades, when inflation began its crazy increase? Socialist Chavez, in power from 2002 until 2013, at which time he was replaced by Maduro elected that year and still claiming the position though disputed in recent years by Guaido who tried to displace him in 2019! And what caused this radical change? Google's Wikipedia says, "Venezuela saw sweeping radical shifts in social policy, moving from the government officially embracing a FREE MARKET economy... to INCOME DISTRIBUTION and SOCIAL WELFARE programs." And Oh YES! Do you remember current president Joe Biden just a few years ago claiming "Venezuela is what the United States should be" or words to that effect!
Could it be that several recent sermons and speeches found on YouTube prior to our last election were correct in warning of the danger we faced if socialists swept that election? Just one example. Fr. Ed Meeks claimed five months ago "We are facing the Abyss!" In a very blunt and well researched talk, Father Meeks warned us of what has happened historically when nations have fallen for the Pied Piper promise of free this and free that and have put benevolent sounding socialists in power, only to find years later starvation and death at the hands of an atheistic Communist government! Many other ministers, priests, and even some political officials have tried to warn us of our impending fate! Listen to that sermon!
The question is, can we as individuals do anything about this coming disaster? The answer was suggested in last week's review when it was declared there that every single individual does influence world outcomes in much the same way as a tiny rock changes the pool it is tossed in. No matter how insignificant it seems, our individual conduct moves the world a tiny bit towards a world we would rather live in, or in the opposite direction, one which is disastrous for all of us! Far back in the mid 1980's, a true story was told how a stalemated "tug of war" between classes at our local high school during a pep rally was resolved when one additional senior grabbed the rope and turned the tide! This was a true account written up in LET FREEDOM RING at the time, and was followed up by examples of how one person has turned the tide of history! Next week we will return to the full accounting of that event and its consequences!
Jake Wren







Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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