Gymnastics update for Marjorie and Harper
By Diana Remacle
Marjorie Remacle, daughter of William and Diana Remacle, had a rocky start to her springtime competitions.  During February, Miss Remacle and her family traveled to Sevierville, Tennessee, for a flyaway meet.  This was an immensely fun vacation for her and her family, but the meet itself was brutal.  She scored an 8.9 on vault, a 6.35 on bars, an 8.8 on beam, an 8.35 on the floor, and an all-around score of 32.4 – which placed her dead last in her division.  In the first week of March, Miss Remacle competed at the Royal Festival and scored a 9.3 on vault (First Place), an 8.9 on bars, an 8.475 on beam, a 9.025 on the floor, and an all-around score of 35.7.  The next weekend, Miss Remacle traveled to Post Falls to compete in the Snow Globe Classic.  Here she received a 9.35 on vault (First Place), an 8.9 on bars, an 8.925 on beam, a 9.275 on the floor (Third Place), and an all-around score of 36.425 – where she placed second overall.  Miss Remacle qualified for the Idaho State XCEL Championships multiple times during the 2022 season. The State Championships were held on March 18, 2022, and she scored a 9.325 on vault (Second Place), an 8.550 on bars, a 9.1 on beam (Second Place), a 9.425 on the floor (Second Place), and an all-around score of 36.4 – which was a fifth-place finish in her division.  Out of 145 total competitors, Miss Remacle ranked in the top 44, which allowed her to qualify for the Regional Championships where she will compete along with the top XCEL Gold competitors from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and Hawaii.  This competition will happen at the end of April in Monroe, Washington.  When asked how she plans to spend her time prior to the meet, Miss Remacle exclaimed that she was going to "spend as much time as I can at the gym connecting my skills are bars and perfecting the rest of my routines."  Miss Remacle recently perfected a back handspring back layout and a front-front on the floor; however, it is not likely that she will incorporate either skill into this year's routines.
Harper Blewett, daughter of Colby and Angela Blewett, recently competed in three competitions throughout the month of March.  First was the Royal Festival, which was held during the first weekend in March at the Spokane Convention Center.  Here she scored a 9.4 on vault (Second Place),9.55 on bars, 9.250 on beam, and a 9.0255 on floor.  She scored 37.225 all-around and placed third overall in her division.  The second weekend of March, Miss Blewett competed at the Snow Globe Classic in Post Falls, Idaho.  Here Blewett scored a 9.1on vault, a 9.025 on bars, a 9.325 on beam (Second Place), a 9.075 on the floor, and an all-around score of 36.525 – where she placed fifth overall in her division.  Finally, Miss Blewett traveled to Spokane Gymnastics to compete in her final competition in March – the Lucky Charm Invitational in Spokane Valley, Washington.  Here she scored a 9.450 on vault (Third Place), 9.55 on bars (Second Place), 9.250 on beam (First Place), 9.4 on the floor (Second Place), and 37.65 in the all-around – where she placed second overall in her division.  Miss Blewett has one upcoming meet at the end of April, Regionals – which is a normal invitational event for her level of XCEL competition.
Marji Remacle’s gymnastics team took first place at the Royal Festival in Spokane. She is second from left. Photo by Diana Reamcle

Marji getting ready to compete on the uneven bars. Also shown is her coach.

Harper Blewett during her floor exercise. Photos provided by Diana Remacle.


















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