Laura Rose named Mother of the Year
Below is the essay written by Ci-Ci Chavez that earned her her mother Laura Rose the Mother of the Year award from the Prairie High School Prairie League.
Lessons taught through the strength of a Mother
Everyone has someone in their life that they look up to, someone they want to be like because they model great character and have unique, loveable traits. Which inspires you to try and follow in their footsteps. This one person in my life is my mother. There are many things that my mother has taught me that I wish to carry with me through my life, in hopes to be just like her.
One of the many things that my mom has done that influenced my life is by never showing here weakness. While my mom was raising me I never saw her as weak, she was always strong and I admired that quality. I always thought to myself, “I want to be just as strong as her one day.” The one thing that I have come to realize is that I wouldn’t have ever been as driven and strong if I wasn’t blessed to have a mother as amazing as her.
I have many memories with my mom so it is very difficult to choose my favorite one, but I will say my favorite thing that she would tell me all the time was “Nobody is perfect.” I loved this the most because when I would try to do something and end up failing I would be upset because I didn’t do it perfectly, then I remembered what she said and it always comforted me because I just needed to do my best and that would be plenty good enough. She helped me realize if I strive for perfection every time I did something I would always be discouraged, and I wouldn’t see the positive work that went into what I was trying to accomplish.
My mother had five children, me being the youngest. She also received two step kids when she remarried. She raised us all to have good manners, and to treat others the way you would want to be treated. Because of her I put others’ needs before my own. A memory that I always take with me everywhere is when we lived in Illinois. There were many less fortunate people, homeless and hungry. Every time we were in the city she would grab all of the change she had and would give it to them. She showed empathy for them because she could see how hard things could get for people in this world. This was one of the many inspiring things she had shown to me while raising me. She didn’t stop to think negative things such as wondering if they were panhandlers or not, she just gave what she had, even when people close to her discouraged what she was doing, she knew she was right and held her head up high.
These are a few reasons why I have come to believe that my mother is not only the mother of the year, but a mother of a lifetime. Because no matter what life throws at me she has always been there to shield me and help me become stronger, kinder, and happier than ever. If I could become even half the woman my mother is, I can already say I would be a great mother, grandmother, and best friend to anyone who comes my way thanks to her teaching me all I will ever need to know.

Laura Rose, right, with her daughter Ci-Ci Chavez. Photo by Cara Uhlenkott.











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