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Redneck Review!
No. 363 - 4/10/22
To begin, look back to last week's RNR, where it was claimed that   "We lucky citizens have a choice to make!" A bit later, it was stated: "And what are the clear choices we have today?” Bluntly, that America was founded on a belief in a Supreme God, and that a high percentage of the founders were avid believers in the teaching of Christ and HIS church Christianity! True, many are better described as Deists, like Jefferson, who made it clear that he believed totally in a creator God, but never endorsed any of the Christian religions at the time. And history proves beyond any doubt, that the founders endorsed the need for Christianity and knowledge of the Bible. That endorsement had its limits however!  The new government established at the national level, WAS NOT TO ENDORSE any single creed at that national level, but to respect the various many Protestant religions called Christian, including the Catholic state of Maryland, and the Quaker state of William Penn’s Pennsylvania. But a careful study of Founder history proves that they did endorse a belief in a Supreme Creator, the Bible, and the many Christian religions. Thus it is true that they pushed hard for the teaching of religion in  schools at every level, even the colleges and universities that were started at the time!
The claim made above is certainly not "politically correct" and will get any individual who insists on it sarcastic and scoffing remarks about being OLD FASHIONED and "Out of date!"  None the less, it is true, and “We dare to  ignore it at our own risk!”
Why?  Obvious!  For the first time EVER in history, a nation was started, based on the solid belief that all were created by a Creator, and were endowed with rights to life, property, liberty, and a pursuit of happiness. In addition, citizens were expected to live the tenets of Christianity, a reliance on the Bible, the Ten Commandments, and the greatest Commandment: "Love God with whole heart and neighbor as oneself." Include the belief that governments were created by the men that controlled them, and could be “sacked” if a government ignored or denied these basic beliefs!  And what happened?  History tells us that in a relatively short time, this new and unique nation burst forth and ran away from all other older nations by creating the most envied and free and wealthy spot on earth!  Deny this, and you will end up with "Egg on your face!"
Also mentioned at some length in recent RNR's though, was the claim that a new theory has burst on the scene, barely over 100 years old, that the notion of a creative and concerned God is old fashioned and "Poppy cock!" (Definition: "Empty talk or nonsense!"). Instead, men alone are in control, and with the help of government and big banks can create a type of utopia on earth where all can share equally in the good things of life, and can avoid the excess of wealth and poverty.  This too is accurately labeled "Poppy cock!" as once again history proves, if one takes the time to really study it!  Poverty, starvation, and death has been the recorded fate!
Let's close this discussion by recognizing another fact of life, a FACT... that the celebration of EASTER on the horizon honors an event that did happen in history!  Oh, yeh, admitted that this is Old Fashioned, not "Politically Correct," but " ******! ", TRUE, and again,  we deny it at our own risk! After all, our calendar is actually based on the birth and death of this "Greatest of all individuals,” one who claimed to be the Son of God, and whose miracles testified that HE was telling the truth! Who else has an entire book, the Old Testament, telling of HIS future coming, accurately predicting that HE would be born of a virgin, and that during a short three years, fed thousands of individuals with a few fish, cured the sick, performed many other miracles, like raising  people from the dead, and topped it off by suffering an agonizing crucifixion, dying in front of dozens, then coming back to life a few days later, the first Easter, witnessed by close friends several times, and by as many as 500 others on some occasions!   Case closed!!!
Jake Wren




Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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