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Why do minor children have to repay portions of ‘stimulus’ money?  I’ve received 3 checks from an already ‘debt ridden’ public treasury this past year.  I returned one check, but it was sent back.  My name is on each check, but monies were sent to all in the household including minor children. I’ve called U.S. Treasury, Federal Reserve and Congressional offices.  Two congressional offices have confirmed that the minor children will have to repay portions of this added debt most if not all of their lives.  So, what is it called if a child, who can’t vote, must work most of their life paying off someone else’s debt? Hmmm.  After 3 checks, it looks like a pattern.  With no application process, they (and everyone) are forced to participate.  Is the State of Idaho accepting these debt ridden monies also? If so, unless I am missing something, could that mean the Governor and Legislature of the State of Idaho are complicit?
Scott Perrin
Cottonwood, Idaho

Redneck Review!
No. 311 - 4/11/2021
Another "Look Back!" It seems that need surfaces each time its time to put another RNR together! Maybe a symptom of old age obstructing performance! But a look back again is necessary to the last two articles which stressed the idea of ONE POWER and WE HAVE THE POWER with a claim also that this results in a DECISION TIME FOR EACH OF US!
Recall the examples given of incidents where history has been changed by the actions of individuals remembered for their heroic results!  But argued also was the claim that heroes could not have done what they did if the individuals in the ranks behind them would not have done their part! To the examples given of King Leonidas at Thermopylae Pass, Martel at Tours, the Machabees in ancient Israel and the two Biblical women, Judith and Esther, we could have added the resolve shown by George Washington as he kept his starving and freezing army together at Valley Forge, or his amazing crossing of the ice filled Delaware River with an army nearly frozen, complaining of rifles so frozen they would not fire. All to surprise and capture an entire enemy Hessian army who could not believe any one would be out on such a night!  History claims Washington responded to his men who complained about their frozen rifles, "Then use your bayonets!"
Recall also that the claim made, "It is DECISION TIME for each of us!" These days when the politically correct attitude is: All problems must be solved by big government and banks, one is led to believe by the Pied Pipers of socialism that individuals can do little about problems we see around us.  Blindly following them without clearly thinking, we accept Covid handouts which we know are adding to our national debt, and which in the long run contribute to hyper inflation or depression and collapse.  We accept food stamps and unemployment along with the handouts despite the news we read in local newspapers about the need for workers who will accept available jobs. Just these past weeks we read that a retirement home for elderly folks in Grangeville closed a second of their two locations because of a lack of available help. Or that dozens of potential helpers at a furniture store or motel there either do not show up after inquiring about the job or simply quit shortly, feeling no need to keep working!  And all of us have seen "Help Wanted" signs at firms of every kind around us!
So why is it "Decision Time for each of us!"  Personally I ponder the question myself as I ask what can be done with the stimulus money we are given! To return it is like a drop of water tossed into an ocean! Maybe it could be given to a local food bank if it helps truly deserving people! Or a pro-life firm battling to stop the casual killing of unborn children, still nearly 3000 a day! Or why not a bit extra to local businesses who are struggling because of lock downs and Covid restrictions? And  why not try to understand that the current claim that government can take care of us with printed billions of paper money is a road to disaster, and that we are destroying the future for our children and grand children!
And yes, there is something we can do, because it is true that each of us does in fact "Have the Power" as claimed earlier. And the proof of that is the historical fact of the reason for the celebration most of us honored a short time ago.  That was the feast of EASTER, when history proves that one man only, the historical person JESUS CHRIST not only was crucified and was confirmed dead, but arose as HE claimed earlier HE would do, and numerous accounts in the old Testament predicted HE would do. And that  "Risen from the Dead" individual has told us repeatedly that "If we ask it will be given unto you!" And that "Faith can move mountains!"  So can you and I not help solve any  problems by having faith that we "Do have the Power!"  We can pray to the Risen Lord, and can we not resolve in some way to do some extra little thing?
Jake Wren










Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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