Greencreek Easter Egg Hunt photos

6-7 year olds at the start of the Easter Egg Hunt in Greencreek.

8-12 year olds climb a storage container as they hunt for eggs at Greencreek.

The start of the 8-12 year old group at Greencreek.

Clay Weckman finds the Golden Egg for the 8-12 year odl group in the large tree near the Greencreek Hall.
Noelle Drobnock was the Golden Egg finder in the 0-4 year old age group.

Alex Wallace was the 4-5 year old Golden Egg finder at Greencreek.

Marek Wimer found the Golden Egg in the  the 6-7 year old age group.

Clay Weckman found the Golden Egg in the 8-12 year old age group. A photo above shows where he found it.
All photos on this page by Tara Stubbers.







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