Update on Leo Prigge
Leo Prigge, 4th child of Dylan and Emily Prigge, was born May 1, 2021.  Just 10 days later, the results of Leo's routine newborn screening test came through showing he had almost no immune system.  Obviously, a serious condition and in Leo's case also very complicated and rare.  In order to keep Leo safe and healthy, the family has lived in strict quarantine for nearly a year, leaving home only to go to doctor appointments.  Leo's bone marrow transplant journey can be followed on Facebook.
The outpouring of support and prayers from our community has been incredible.  The most recent effort originated as a service project from the Tri-Parish confirmation class. Monica Goeckner, along with her sponsor, Gabbie Rehder, came up with a creative idea they called "Leo the Lion" to not only raise funds for the Prigge family, but to also help keep a reminder out there that even though almost a year has gone by, Leo remains in need of many prayers.  Monica is very talented at crocheting.  She crocheted 2 lion stuffed animals. One lion was for Leo and the other was for the lucky winner of a raffle drawing.  Over $2,200 was raised!  Three year old Jane Schwartz' name was drawn as winner of the raffle. Jane's mom, Annmarie, reports that Jane's lion is very well loved!
There are so many, many more ways people have helped throughout this past year.  Dylan and Emily say the thoughts and prayers keep them going.  They still have a long road ahead and will need to continue living in quarantine after they return home, however they remain optimistic and look forward to being out in the community again.

Leo Prigge with a stuffed crocheted “Leo the Lion” made by Mondia Goeckner.

Monica Goeckner with Jane Schwartz, who won a raffle for a second "Leo the Lion" made by Goeckner.











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