More 52-Pickup winners
The Knights of Columbus Council 1389 have held drawings for March and April winners of the 2021 Green 52-Pickup tickets. Congratulations to the winners:
Week 25-Nancy Uptmor, $50
Week 26-Marlene Duclos, $50
Week 27-Lyle Kuther, $50
Week 28-Colin Crea, $50
Week 29-Jenni Rehder, $50
Week 30-Ernest Fuchs, $200
Week 31-Laura Rose, $50
Week 32-Jake Wren, $50
Week 33-Barbara Remacle, $50.
Week 34-Chris Wren, $50
Week 35-Shawn Stubbers, $50
Week 36-Msgr. Andrew Schumacher, $200.
These were the fifth and sixth drawings of 8. They sell no more than a total of 300 tickets for this drawing. There is only one prize per drawn ticket. Winning ticket stubs are removed from the drawing each month. If you bought more than one ticket, the remaining tickets will stay in the drawing unless they are drawn as a future winner. They will continue to draw winning tickets monthly for each of the 52 weeks.
You should have received your winnings by now.
You can buy tickets from any KC member or at the monthly KC Breakfast. Orange tickets for the 2022 drawing are also available and drawings for those should begin in November 2022.











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