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No. 312 - 4/18/2021
Dear Friends and many relatives!  Please bear with me when I say here: Good solid people in America are about to be BLINDSIDED!  I say this with some hesitation because for sure, I cannot guarantee that it will happen!  And I certainly am not foolish enough to predict just when it might happen!   But recent events and a couple books recently read, and close to 60 years of reading what has happened in history and what is happening in our country during the past half dozen decades has almost sent chills up and down my spine!
I hope what I am about to put on paper is wrong, and that all things will go smoothly over the next years and decades.  But the number of offspring my wife and I have brought into this old world, not only children, but grandchildren, dozens of them, and now great grand kids popping up frequently forces me to put my concerns down today.  And the number of offspring pales in the face of the number of very close friends and relatives my wife and I have accumulated over the years.  Bluntly speaking, the looming future fills me with dread, and I might even add again tends to send chills up my spine!   So here is a summary of my growing concerns!
1) I am a cradle Catholic, with 16 solid years of traditional Catholic schools at the grade school, high school, (St Gertrude's Academy) and Carroll College in Montana  Not my choice each time, but at the demands of my convert mother who insisted we get a religious education. Growing older, the value of the Catholic and Christian environment found locally and in our country has  become more and more valuable to me.  I bluntly declare here that the overwhelming proof that Jesus Christ was the proven son of God, convinces me that the answer to life's problems can be found in HIS teaching and the Ten Commandments leading up to HIS birth and endorsed by HIM several times during HIS earthly ministry.  Important to HIS teaching was the command; "Love God with whole heart and soul, and neighbor as yourself."  This means all humans of every race are creatures of God and brothers to myself and all!  SO ALL LIVES DO MATTER!
Therefore, it concerns me that a)Public schools at Stites (1st grade) and Grangeville (1/2 year in fifth grade) started classes daily with the Our Father or a Bible reading!  b) High school history or government texts at public Prairie High noted that 90% of Americans claimed to be readers of the Bible, and that close to 80% claimed to be Christian of one kind or another.  Today, those figures have dropped significantly, and public expressions of those beliefs are taboo! Today our schools are being forced to teach or at least encouraged to teach young students to study alien religions and philosophies, say nothing of encouraging life styles contrary to traditional Christian morality, while forbidding the teaching of the same rules of conduct!
2) We were taught that God gave all free will, and honored that gift. Therefore, angels who were wanting to be Gods themselves rebelled immediately, and were cast out of heaven for their insubordination.  Even our traditionally taught first parents rebelled, defying their Creator God's command not to eat of one tree, and lost their home in paradise for their similar disobedience! And most of us were taught by the Christian religions we claimed, that how we used our own free will would determine whether we rebelled also from our Creator, and would later suffer the penalty resulting, or reap the reward after we died!  So bluntly, here is my claim!
3) That to obey our Creator or defiantly choose to go our own way, has been a decision each of us have to make! The battle has raged since Adam and Eve! And history records the continual battle resulting, between those nations and individuals who have chosen to obey their Creator  and the conscience instilled in each of us, or have determined to have it their own way. Frankly folks, the "Do it my way" followers are winning!
(Concluded next week!)
Jake Wren










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