Cottonwood Blood Drive is successful
“Once again our community came out in droves to support this blood drive. We had 100 people register, and out of those we collected 4 plasma units, 64 units of whole blood and 17 Double/Power Red (which counts for 34) for a total of 102 blood products”, said blood drive co-chairman Brenda Kaschmitter. During a ‘double’ red cell donation, blood is drawn from one arm and channeled through a sterile single-use collection set to an automated machine.  The machine separates and collects two units of red cells and then safely returns the remaining blood components, along with some saline, back through the same arm.  Donors have to meet specific criteria in order to donate the two units of blood; height, weight, age and have specific blood types.
Vitalant is still checking for the Covid antibodies on all blood collected. If Vitalant has your email address you should get an email with instructions on how to obtain your results. If they do not have your email you can log on to your account at to see your results.
“And once again we need to thank our great volunteers, Judy Forsman, Joyce Lorentz, Mary Lorentz, Sally Rehder, Kathy Stubbers, Sylvia Uhling and VFW Post 491” said Donna Quick, blood drive co-chair.  “The volunteer duties include, making lunch for the Vitalant workers, checking in and escorting donors, and offering maple bars, water and juice. We love our volunteers, and couldn’t pull this off without their help,” said Quick. 
Co-chairs; Brenda and Donna would also like thank the 24 employees of St. Mary’s Hospital that took the time from their busy day to come in to support the blood drive by donating.  We would also like to thank the hospital for allowing the employees to come down to donate and for purchasing the maple bars that the donors enjoy after giving blood. 
We would like to also extend a big thank you to our first time donors, Nick Brotzman and Joey Charlton hopefully this will now become a lifetime practice for both of them!
The next blood drive will be held on June 22, 2021; if you would like to make an appointment to give that day please contact Brenda Kaschmitter at 962-3251 or you self-schedule by going online at





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