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Letter to the Editor
A Woman I Admire!
Cindy Carlson has certainly stepped up to the plate.   After subbing for a week at the State House of Representatives, she had a call from God to overcome her fear to put herself and her principles on display in public forum for us voters to decide if we want her to serve us in the State Senate.  She definitely is not a career politician who wants to climb the ladder for power. 
This woman, Cindy Carlson, will use her courage and principles to protect our individual and constitutional rights.  To be specific, SHE will defend our parental rights, our right to life, our right to private property.   She will defend our free market principles over the attitude that government is always the answer for spending and control. 
She will do this because she has these basic inalienable principles ingrained in her uprbringing.  We do not have to be worried that her vote in committee will be different from voting on the floor due to political pressure or gain for power.   We will not have to beg her to vote the way we believe--because she believes the same way.   Vote for Cindy Carlson for State Senate.
Sheryl Nuxoll
Letter to the Editor:
Another Woman I Admire!
Priscilla Giddings is very admirable in her vision and goals.   She sees that our state is heading toward socialism, the major step to communism.   She has fought in war and is fearless in standing for her principles for freedom and for us.  Her principles for freedom include natural law and our constitutional rights, which she received in her upbringing.   Her voting record is excellent as testified by the few nonpartisan freedom think organizations in the state.   Having been in the state legislature for 6 years, she knows the political battle going on for money and power by many legislators, who probably don’t even realize what is happening. 
Being extremely loyal to her principles, she is the leader with the vision that we need now in this time of our state history.   Let Freedom Fly and vote for Priscilla Giddings for Lieutenant Governor!
Sheryl Nuxoll

Dear Editor,
The parental adage “If your friend jumped off a bridge would you do it to?” needs to be updated for the current election cycle—“If your friend believes every negative political ad or Facebook post, must you believe it too?”  The wholesale buy-in and spreading of false campaign rhetoric has reached a fever pitch and we are still a month away from the primary election. 
Voters, your commitment to election integrity begins with you.  If you really want fair elections, it means that you are going to have to do some research and fact checking before you forward that email or share the latest social media ad or post.  It means that you must be willing to honestly evaluate candidates on their own merits and ability to do the job and not on their ability to assassinate an opponent’s character.  If all you see is a smear campaign, please take a step back and ask yourself why someone who is capable of being the kind of leader Idaho needs can’t successfully win an election without demonizing their opponent.   Do your own homework people!
There is a huge difference between the ‘far-right’ and ‘conservative Republicans’, although many want you to believe they are the same.  Don’t be fooled by those who have hijacked the word ‘conservative’ in an effort to discredit proven leaders with the personal integrity needed to govern this great state.
If you want Idaho to continue to be the freest and least regulated State in the Union, please do your research and join me in supporting:
Brad Little for Governor
Scott Bedke for Lt. Governor
Phil McGrane for Secretary of State
Raul Labrador for Attorney General
Debbie Critchfield for Superintendent of Public Instruction
Carl Crabtree for Idaho State Senate
Idaho is better than this negative political garbage.  Let’s elect leaders with the demonstrated values we need.
Skip Brandt

Dear Editor:
Some RINOS leading Idaho County?
I'm fairly appalled by several of the campaign signs that Idaho County Commissioner Skip Brandt has displayed in his yard.  I'm equally concerned and disappointed about several not there, as Priscilla Giddings, Janice McGeachin, Ed Humphreys, Dorothy Moon, Art Macomber, Cindy Carlson, and Brandon Durst are missing.
What do Skip's support choices say about this top (supposedly republican conservative) official in a position of power second only to our county sheriff?
I've always thought of the Brandt family as constitutionally conservative, looking back through the many activist years of Skip's father, the late Grandpa John.  Was I mistaken then, or has something changed since?  I don't question Skip's right of personal choice; only whether his political support choices match and reflect those of the majority of his Idaho County constituency.  Our voters can soon decide.
Secondly, here's my response to a statement disseminated statewide recently by James Rockwell, current head of the Idaho County Republican Central Committee, demanding that Representive Priscilla Giddings, candidate for Lt. Governor, issue a public apology for her supposed mischaracterization of her opponent, Speaker of the House, Scott Bedke:  Can Committee Chairman Rockwell actually prove that Priscilla Giddings maligned her opponent in any way?   What does his record show?
Believe me:  If all those designated "Republican" in our county and throughout our state truly lived and voted according to the principles so admirably spelled out in the GOP platform, there would be few complaints from me.  (A pretty big IF!) 
RINOS??  Sorry to say, but Idaho does have its share!
Carol Asher

Dear Editor,
With all the big corporate lobbyists influencing Legislators, the people's needs and freedoms are, more often than not, overlooked. We are told what we want to hear at election time, but once our “conservative” candidate enters office they often forget about us.
The Idaho Freedom Foundation rates all bills as to whether they diminish our freedom, increase the size and spending of government, and many other criteria. Each legislator earns grades in three categories, Freedom, Spending and Education. It is important that we educate ourselves as to how they vote so we don't reelect them if they are failing in their duty to protect and promote our freedom.
In the upcoming May 17th Primary Election we have a unique opportunity to clean house of the Lobbyist lapdogs and install true conservative public servants in many races.
In District 7, Carl Crabtree earned a D- for Freedom, an F for Spending and an F for Education. He also voted to fund “Social Justice” and “Critical Race Theory” at Boise State and against parental oversight of their children's education. Fortunately, we have a great alternative in Cindy Carlson. She is big on preserving freedoms, including medical choice and the right to economically prosper. She strongly opposes teaching our children to hate others with CRT and “Social Justice” brainwashing.
For Lt. Governor, we have House Speaker Scott Bedke, who earned an F for Freedom, an F for Spending and an D+ for Education. He voted to keep the Grocery Tax, to create a vaccine registry, for CRT curriculum in preschool and against the 2nd Amendment. Thankfully, we have Priscilla Giddings running against him. She received an A- for Freedom, an A for Spending and an A+ for Education. She has been trying to kill the grocery tax, opposes funding CRT in the schools, stands for medical privacy and personal choice, strongly supports the 2nd Amendment and is fighting to end corruption in Boise.
Governor Little has shown us what tyranny looks like and his opponent Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin has shown us what Freedom could look like. Let's choose freedom, not empty promises.
Jay Maxner

Redneck Review!
No. 365 - 4/24/22
Backtrack #2! Today we continue a recent "change of pace,"  in which we return to early RNR's for topics still pertinent today! A big reason was most of today's readers were not there in July, 2015 when the discussion of Davy Crockett's  meeting with  Horatio Bunce occurred! Recall that voter Bunce lectured Crockett that the money he had voted for the burned out folks in Wash D.C. was "Not Yours to Give," and that he therefore would not be voting for him again! An embarrassed Crockett admitted that Bunce was right, and so he promised to not make the same mistake again, and followed through on that promise!
Today, we take another look at an earlier RNR, # 14 in fact, dated 7/27/15, in which very convincing arguments of Frenchman Frederik Bastiat were discussed.  Bastiat had written a book called THE LAW in the mid 19th century essentially arguing as had Bunce, that it is not the proper role of government to be giving away tax dollars right and left, as is the case today: federal grants of every kind from the farming community to education, to health  are, you name it! An email received yesterday claimed that the government is ready to absolve some 50,000 students from their student loans, part of the some $One trillion plus owed by students today to the federal government! We will wait to see if that happens! We quote:
"The NOT YOURS TO GIVE  advice of Horatio Bunce to Davy Crockett has been given considerable attention recently, and a promise to see what THE LAW, a book by Frederik Bastiat has been made.  In his clear and easily read book, this noted Frenchman starts with a simple but convincing argument that a free society is dependent upon the ownership of private property.  Briefly, if an individual or family must depend upon someone else to survive, then he or it is not free.  Only by having a personal access to their own means of survival can they be truly free.  That, argues Bastiat, is the chief reason why the right to own their own property, or other means of survival, is a necessary ingredient of a free society.
"So, assuming the right to ownership of your own property, Bastiat goes on to say, that one who then takes by force anything that one person owns and has earned for himself, is guilty of theft, or stealing.  He coined the work PLUNDER to describe this activity.  Applying this logic to government, Bastiat then goes on to say that government programs which take by force from the owner who has earned it, and then gives to another who has not, is PLUNDER. But because it is done with the blessing of government, it becomes "legal,"  hence his term for all such programs is LEGAL PLUNDER!
"So, what happens in a country which allows LEGAL PLUNDER to become part of the policy of government?  Bastiat argues that it is absolutely predictable that in the early stages, any government will take only a little from lots of people, in order to give a larger amount to a single person or entity.  So small, the many people PLUNDERED do not even realize it is happening. But as time passes, the money plundered is slowly given  to more and more recipients, until the day inevitably arrives when the plundered people begin to object, and begin demanding that they themselves be on the receiving end!
"Does this not help understand why governments resorting to LEGAL PLUNDER in Bastiat's words, finds it cannot plunder enough people to satisfy all who want part of the PLUNDER? So that it must rely on borrowed money in larger and larger amounts?  Finally, does it not explain, as Bastiat concludes, that electing your own PLUNDERERs to government positions, becomes more and more important?  He concludes that economic survival requires control of plundering governments! What do you think? Are there any such struggles going on politically today?"
Jake Wren




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