Library to host presentation and book signing
Prairie Community Library will host a presentation and book signing by Idaho County Author Sue Tidwell of Cottonwood. She will discuss her book Cries of the Savanna. All are welcome to visit with Sue on May 16, 2022 at 6:30 PM in Cottonwood Community Center, 507 King St. 
 Sue writes: “While traveling to Africa had been a dream of mine since childhood, I never imagined sleeping in a primitive encampment where my slumber was cut short by wild creatures conducting their nightly shenanigans.  Tromping through terrain riddled with deadly snakes was certainly not on my bucket list, and I definitely didn’t fancy the idea of being a sidekick on a hunting safari.”
In his review of Tidwell’s book T.A. Opre, of Shepherds of Wildlife states: “Tidwell questions the ethics of hunting in the modern age, where the vast majority of westerners outsource their killing for food.  She comes to realize that legal ethical hunting may be the only hope for wild Africa to survive because it protects vast areas, even larger than all the national parks combined, from human development.  In the end she discovers the real threat to Africa’s wildlife is the loss of habitat due to the ever-increasing human populations and the disconnect modern society has with nature”

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