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Letter to the Editor
I am unfamiliar with Skip Brandt’s qualifications to serve as an Idaho County Commissioner, but I know without a doubt that an understanding of Constitutional political theory is not one of them.
According to an April 27, 2021 article in the Lewiston Tribune, Brandt claims it would be “unconstitutional” to establish Idaho County as a 2nd Amendment sanctuary. In other words, Brand believes it is unconstitutional . . .to protect the Constitution. What Brandt does not seem to remember is that the oath he took was to uphold the US and State Constitutions. Both acknowledge the right to keep and bear arms.
Brandt also seems unaware the long held position concerning Constitutional political theory is that any federal, state, county or city law  contrary to the Constitution is automatically null and void. This is something the founders recognized as intrinsic to a Constitutional Republic; authority to govern does not lie in the office but in the founding documents. I recommend Brandt read The Federalist Papers and The Anti Federalist Papers to gain an understanding of the philosophical context of the US Constitution. The Federalist papers 41-43 and 78 are especially pertinent.
Brandt also claims the citizen concern for the US and State constitutions is actually a political vendetta that has something to do with former Idaho County Sheriff Doug Giddings’ defeat in last year’s Republican primary.  This perplexing paranoia concerning Giddings makes one wonder what is really eating at Brandt. Does he have something to hide? In any case, Brandt must not allow his personal issues to influence his service as an Idaho County commissioner.
Finally, it seems Brandt’s ignorance on the subject of the Constitution and his indifference toward the citizens of Idaho County disqualify him for office. I have heard nothing about a recall but I guarantee I will not be backing Brandt or his fellow commissioners in the next election.
D. Eric Williams

Dear Editor:
Last week I read Idaho Governor Brad Little's published guest editorial entitled, "After challenging year, Idaho education needs our support."  A couple of points by way of response, please: 
The governor began by lamenting how devastatingly, over the past year and more, COVID-19 has ravaged and stressed our entire society, and in particular, every aspect of Idaho's system of education.  Personally, I couldn't help but wonder, if the governor were to conduct a free and honest poll, what percentage of his constituency might agree that some of his own personal insistence and arbitrary executive policies largely served to worsen the assault suffered by all of Idaho. 
I certainly do agree with the governor's list of all of the good things he wants for Idaho's children, for their families, and notably, for everyone involved in education.  Where I differ with him regards exactly whose right and duty it is, principally, to direct and fulfill these sacred responsibilities.
I get the distinct feeling that the several times Governor Little says "We," he means "government," or at least something  "government-managed."  But consider:  Never, through all the ages, has government ever created a single school child; only living, God-infused parents do that!   Why then, Governor, can the state not simply leave parents free to decide the best form of education for the respective children divinely entrusted to them??
As has been pointed out before, "Free Education for All Children in Public Schools" is a part of the 10th plank of the Communist Manifesto.   So, shall Idaho be conserved as a sovereign Constitutional Republic, or will it fall to the level of a mere vassal state under a system of global communism? 
I'd say down with Socialist/Communist indoctrination, and up with family and local true education!
Carol J. Asher

Redneck Review!
No. 314 - 5/2/2021
Whoops!  A bit of "fake news" has infected the RNR lately, admitting to those who claim "fake news" can be found there!
The first is just a simple mistake made, numbering last week's review as #314, when it was supposed to be 313!  Simple mistake, but a couple of email readers let me know that no #313 had been sent!  Thus I noticed the error!  The second "fake news" is that the last words printed at the end of #312 were "Concluded next week" Well, the mislabeled #313 states in the first paragraph: "Here is the conclusion that was claimed!"  However, space at the end of last week's review forces me to provide now that conclusion promised two times ago!
In these days of almost total government involvement in everything we do, including who can legitimately claim a valid "marriage," what can be taught in high school, remember "Common Core;" and now the required "Social Justice" classes that are being made mandatory around the nation in colleges, and even reaching into high schools more and more;  whether to wear a mask or not, to be vaccinated or not, and so on and on.... we all need to remember that the beauty of the government we have inherited is that THE PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IN CHARGE! Add to that the religious preference of around 80% of us is Christianity, which requires that we be responsible, and use our free will in accord with the Commandments, 10 of them, and the top two as identified  by Christ Himself: "Love God with your whole heart and soul, and your neighbor as yourself," means that we should not and can not leave to our rulers, our government, the responsibility of solving all of our problems!
We have been told repeatedly that prayer is powerful, that "Faith can move mountains," that the historical Christ has told us "Ask anything and it will be given unto you!"  So are we, as many claim, really followers or not?  Are we seriously asking our Creator and our Savior to intervene on our behalf, and prevent the disaster that looms ominously on the horizon?  I am repeatedly asking myself the question, "Am I doing what I should be doing to head off a future I do not like to see for my kids and grand kids, friends and more relatives?" Do I really believe that the future might depend on the number of us who take seriously this opportunity to prevent it? Could it be that the final result of what the future holds for us boils down to me, just the last person needed to turn the tide back to more favorable times?  Hey!  History tells us over and over of situations where abrupt and unforeseen changes took place because of the actions of a single person with a small group of followers.  Many of these have been treated at length in these past reviews, and for now a list of some are provided here! More details for those who research!
First, read in Genesis, Ch 18, entire chapter, but particularly verses 23 on.  Told by the Lord the cities of Sodom and Gomorra would be destroyed because of their wickedness, much like we see today in many of our cities, Abraham asked "Will you destroy the good with the wicked?" "Not if there are 50 good men in the city" was the Lord's response.  Abraham then asked if the cities would be destroyed for 45, then 30, then ratcheted down to 10 good men present. Each time the answer was "No!," but read the section! Both cities were destroyed!  Details Ch.19!
Investigate also, use Google or Siri! 1) Constantine's victory over the Roman Maxentius in 312 A.D., at Milvian Bridge, resulting in his becoming a Christian, because of a vision they would win if Chi Rho (reverence to Christ) was painted on soldier's shields. 2) Battle of Lepanto, 1571, 3) Battle of Vienna, 1683, 4) Battle of Tours, 732, 5)The Battle of Valencia in 1094 - El Cid. Many more examples are there for the serious researcher! And many more to convince us that individual effort can and has had results throughout history! (Next week-gold/silver explosion!)
Jake Wren












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