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Make a difference with Ulmer
It is time to make a difference in law enforcement at the top position in Idaho County.  Sheriff Giddings has had a good run, but I see a lack of urgency and responsiveness to addressing issues and problems as they come up.  Many things are being swept under the carpet or completely ignored.  This comes from complacency and not envisioning the need for change. 
I love change and this transformation will be good for Idaho County, the “good old boy club” and “that’s the way it always has been done” is over.   I see Doug Ulmer and Brian Hewson as a positive move for Idaho County.  There is no better pair of men to lead, along with the rest of the department, who will put Idaho County first.  I do not need someone from out of state telling me who to vote for, who is being forced fed information about Doug Ulmer, he does not even know.  Many of us have grown up in Idaho County and know Doug Ulmer for who he is and what he stands for.  Doug Ulmer has shown his selfless dedication to our communities on many occasions.  I travel this state weekly from Kamiah to New Meadows and Boise.  I have numerous times seen Mr. Giddings driving to and from Boise.  I read in one of his articles he is on many committees and never misses a meeting, but where are these meetings being held, Boise?  I have seen him several times at the State Capitol during legislative sessions; so, I ask who is taking care of Idaho County business and its citizens?  There is no room for political agendas in the Sheriff’s office.  It is time for a positive change and without a doubt Doug Ulmer and his team will take care of Idaho County business.
Rodney Krogh

To the Editor
It is with distinct pleasure that I write my first ever Letter to the Editor in support of Doug Ulmer as our next Idaho County Sheriff.  I have known Doug for over 35 years.  This letter is based upon personal observation of Doug in the work, community and school scenes.  I have full confidence in Doug in all aspects of life.  He was always the law enforcement officer I could call if I had a question, or concern as a school Principal.  He knows and understands the law to the fullest extent.  He may not have always been able to give me the answer I wanted to hear, due to the law; however, he would do everything in his power to serve and protect our schools, our students and our communities.  Doug Ulmer has a wealth of experience in every avenue of law enforcement and he is the man for the job. 
If I ever have an emergency, Doug Ulmer would be the first person I would hope to see.  He has jumped into water on numerous occasions to save someone in distress.  He has handled back country search and rescues, and was integral in ushering people out of the dangerous fires we had in recent years.  However, most importantly, Doug Ulmer will be visible.  If you have a need, he will not send someone else to do the job.  Simply put, he cares.
I strongly support Doug Ulmer as our next Idaho County Sheriff.  He knows and understands the values that make Idaho County a place that people want to call home. 
Carrie  Nygaard

To the Editor
Leadership for the safety of our communities is once again hanging out there.  It is time to choose a well versed law enforcement leader who will willingly take the responsibility as sheriff for the folks of Idaho County.  With that in mind, I'd like to strongly suggest that you consider Doug Ulmer who is a home town man that has spent the majority of his life as a team member of the Idaho County Sheriff's department.  For well over 30 years he has served many roles within the department so is very familiar with the job.   He, as well, has taken an active part in  our schools and communities.  He KNOWS the people & has the ability to deal with issues accordingly. 
 He is not afraid to run on his own merit, and doesn't feel threatened because there are VERY capable opponents.  He has the confidence that with the assistance of a proven department, many of whom he has worked alongside for years, he will fill the position very well.
I hope you will vote with me to make Doug Ulmer our next sheriff.
Mary Lycan

To the Editor,
Even though voting this year is a two-step process, I encourage you to make the effort to vote for Doug Ulmer for Idaho County Sheriff.
Ulmer has lived here all of his life and has demonstrated his commitment to us through his 33 years of distinguished service with five different Idaho County Sheriffs. Ulmer has an outstanding record of public support, is highly competent, and truly cares about ALL people who live here. Ulmer is deeply committed to upholding our constitutional rights, addressing the drug issues challenging our communities, and working with other agencies for efficient use of tax dollars.
We need a fresh approach to the problems facing Idaho County and to ensure it remains the place we all know and love.
Join me in voting for Doug Ulmer. Request your ballot now.
Patty Kries

To the Editor
It’s an election year and how I wish Governor Little was up for re-election. In 2014 I ran against now Governor Little for the office of Lt. Governor; and it is with a deep concern for my state and my country that I make an appeal to his oath of office.
Under the guise of public health and safety, the governor is using this instance in time to strip us of our constitutional rights. He seems to think he has some superior intellectual and moral authority over those he seeks to govern. The reality is he not honoring his oath of office and the responsibility to the leadership post that he was empowered with. 
This challenge today is no different than any other we have battled for, to leave a legacy that is unique to the American spirit of yearning for individual liberty and freedom. Like any war for the freedoms we hold dear, we will have to face the facts that lives will be lost, and every one of these lives should be accounted for and remembered. We celebrate this every Memorial Day. 
In this battle we should protect the most at risk among us and not be bludgeoned with the idea that we do not care for anyone's life. For there is nothing, no policy no government edict that can prevent anyone from dying. It’s part of life and to ignore this is to live a lie. Isn’t it time we started being honest with the truth.
Jim Chmelik
Cottonwood, ID

Redneck Review!
No. 263 - 5/11/2020
America keeps plodding on with its battle with Corona!   Deaths are mounting for sure, but the most recent records indicate that the ratio of deaths to confirmed cases remains roughly the same, about 5%, with a majority of those deaths attributed to older folks who often have problems of other kinds. And the death by Corona to the U.S. population still is a low 1 in over 8000.  But perhaps the most disturbing stat, especially for folks like myself, is that our country still tolerates legal abortion, roughly 1 of every 5 or 6 potential births, around 3000 a day! This tolerated, compared to the huge effort in freedom loss and dollars spent battling Corona,  does baffle a significant percentage of the American population!  Where I ask again is the OUTCRY?
And as asked in last week's review, is it not possible that the now confirmed extra $9 trillion spent on the Corona danger, with an unprecedented loss of freedom, not a greater danger to our country and our future than the virus?  As suggested last week, a look is taken here at the issues involved,  and the promise or threat they represented.
To begin, it is claimed that careful study of the issues involved requires information about two different theories.  The far more dominant and the one which has taken hold around the entire world is that of John Maynard Keynes, born in 1883, and died in 1946. His Keynesian Economics as called, essentially asserts that governments and big central banks like our FED, can control the economy of a country by controlling the money supply.  Government uses debt, increased or decreased as needed, and the FED, our Federal Reserve Bank, and others around the world, can adjust interest rates and reserve requirements to do the same.  Simply put, the theory claims that booms and busts in economies can be controlled by the action of the government and its central bank to increase the money supply during recessions or down turns, and  to decrease the same money supply when a period of an over heated economy threatens to get out of control. To put it in the simplest terms, using Keynes, an economy can be controlled to guarantee good times, and prevent serious downturns.  IT IS THIS SIMPLE CLAIM that is driving first of all the huge debt that our country and the entire world is dealing with, and also supports the expenditure in our country of the $9 trillion of new money that has been dumped into our economy fighting Corona. This has increased our national debt to over $30 trillion dollars!  It is claimed here that this system was doomed from the very beginning because of major erroneous assumptions, but that argument must wait for another time.
The second theory in total opposition to Keynesian, traces its start and beginnings to Ludwig von Mises, his book, HUMAN ACTION, and the AUSTRIAN SCHOOL of economics, whose founder Carl Menger and others,  argue that the free market best deals with predictable rises and falls in economies, and that government and central bank intervention is destructive! Basic to that theory in understanding a simple formula:  MV=PO.  The "M" represents money in circulation, while the "V," velocity, represents  how many times in one year a typical dollar is spent. If hidden under a mattress, V=1, but typically a single dollar finds its way around maybe 5 to 10 times each year. So MV represents the total amount of purchasing power in circulation. On the other side, "P" represents average prices, and "O," the amount of goods and services produced in a year.  So simply put, huge increases on the left side like our national debt and the $9 trillion for Corona have caused, coupled with reduced output "O" or output on the right side due to decreased economic production, can only and will drive prices, "P" sky high!  Other results can happen, but whatever, huge debt results in exploding inflation and bankruptcy! Proof based on logic, common sense, and the lessons of history coming in future reviews!
Jake Wren



Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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