Cottonwood City Council meets
The Cottonwood City Council voted to seek requests for proposals (RFP) from engineers for their wastewater plan at their May meeting Monday, May 11.
Amy Uptmor of JUB Engineers updated the council on their grant applications. She recommended getting the RFP process going. They may know in June whether the NRCS grant was approved or not. If they get the RFP process going they could get the environmental assessment started as early as Oct. 1.  That takes 12-18 months and then they can get going on the main project.
The RFP process is non-binding and was recommended also by city attorney Joe Wright as a win-win.
Also appearing before the council was Elaine Sonnen of the Idaho Soil & Water Conservation District. She was seeking council support for several of their projects covering the Keuterville to Cottonwood area. The council agreed to draft a letter of support.
Quotes were again opened for the airport surfacing project with Poe Asphalt being awarded as the low bidder of the two received. Their bid was $68,749 on the 20,800 square foot project. Valley Paving was the other bidder.
The council discussed whether or not to send a letter to Mike Williams of the railroad about the trestle downtown. It was reported that the state bridge inspector’s report was that yes, it is in bad shape, but they didn’t feel it was an eminent threat. Council members discussed blocking each end with jersey barriers to keep people from trying to drive across and send a letter to Williams about that. If he objects they could remove them. The main concern is the safety of those driving or walking underneath.
The council discussed their annual commitment to Ida-Lew Economic Development. Don Munkers said it appears Cottonwood is paying more in that anyone else and he didn’t feel he could justify the $3,000 expense to the citizens. He recommends at least cutting that amount back. The matter was tabled to get more information.
Joe Didier’s property use on Clark Street was discussed. Neighbors are complaining he has an RV park in an area not zoned for it. City attorney Wright suggested having the building inspector look into it.
In the reports Pat Holthaus reported they actually had more water sold, 1.7 million gallons, than they recorded being pumped, 1.5 million gallons. This is likely a catchup from the winter when they estimated water usage as meters couldn’t be read due to snow.
Roy Uhlenkott reported the water and sewer lines are in place in the Currin property which is being developed. Water tests for those new lines came back good.
In the land and buildings report Linda Nida said the new doors at the hall are in as is the changing table for the restroom. The new flooring has been done as well.
There was no street or airport report as Ben Schumacher was unable to attend.
Nida reported the fire department had no calls in April.
Pat Enneking reported he has volunteered to be the city’s representative to the Clearwater Watershed Advisory Group. They intended to meet once a month but so far had a February meeting and then meetings were cancelled due to the virus. They are going to study the South Fork of the Clearwater River and the influx from communities and producers along the way. The Idaho Division of Environmental Quality says waterways need to be “fishable and swimmable.” There are currently 11 members of the group.
The council vote to adjourn at 8:15 p.m. The next regular meeting is set for Monday, June 8 at 7 p.m.



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