Letters to the editor from this week's Chronicle:

Letter to Editor: 
We are fearful of what is happening in our federal government. The best we can do for our federal government is elect state candidates who stand for state sovereignty and individual rights against the federal bureaucracy. 
Do you know what is happening in our state government? I do. The current cronyism and socialism in our own state demand of us to make a change for courageous and prudent leaders who will fight for private property rights, parentís rights, gun rights, and free market solutions. You elected me to protect those rights. Please help me not stand alone. 
Russ Fulcher for Governor 
Jim Chmelik for Lieutenant Governor 
Chris Troupis for Attorney General 
John Eynon for Superintendent of Public Instruction 
Lawerence Denney for Secretary of State 
Todd Hatfield for Controller. 
Senator Sheryl Nuxoll, District 7

To the Editor
I worked for Idaho County taxpayers for more than thirty years, the last seventeen years as the Idaho County Treasurer.  I know the statutory regulations of the office of Treasurer, more importantly; I understand the expectations of the citizens of Idaho County.
I worked closely with both Republican candidates for this position, and am aware of both candidatesí strengths, weaknesses and skillsets.    Please vote for Abbie Hudson May 20.
Sharon Cox, 
Former Idaho County Treasurer

Fulcher and Troupis!
Retirement has its advantages, and one of them is the time I have had to read, research, investigate the positions of some of our candidates for election during our May primary, and in November this fall.
Based on everything I have seen and heard, my enthusiastic endorsement goes to governor candidate Russ Fulcher, and attorney general candidate Chris Troupis.  The issues I consider most important, and the ones on which I agree exactly with these two God-fearing and Christian men include the ownership of public land, our participation in Obama Care, and the looming threat of federal takeover of our education system with Common Core. This last item is the most critical of all in my opinion, and I guarantee that in years ahead, its disastrous effect on our children will become more obvious!
So...vote Russ and Chris,  and other candidates who stand with them and with us on local, state and national issues!!!
Jake (Patrick J.) Wren

Cottonwood, Idaho 83522


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