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To the Editor:
Representative Priscilla Giddings is doing an excellent job representing the conservatives in Dist. 7.  One example is her work getting the Pro-life Heartbeat bill passed!
We’ve known her for a long time and can’t believe that she would deliberately and maliciously do something to hurt someone!  That’s not who she is!
Does character assassination of someone you disagree with politically, Shirley Ringo, make you less “disgraceful to women” (your words) or you Vicki Donovan make you “not a decent human being” (your words) as you’ve asserted about Representative Giddings?  “Judge not lest you be judged”  Matthew 7:1
Don and Charlotte DeArmond

Redneck Review!
No. 316 - 5/16/2021
FLASH!  Before returning to a defense of an "Outrageous claim" made last week, "I have never been wrong when convinced that a big increase in silver was on the horizon!", I find it necessary to discuss  my coffee break this morning!  No other drinker came!  I started a Google search of the price of silver while eating a little breakfast, and my eyes popped open! Silver had gone up 66 cents since yesterday->spot price $28.09!  Before finishing breakfast to write this review, it jumped up 74 cents! That reminded me of my last two small purchases, last month's cost me about $31/oz, but only a few weeks later, the price jumped to $36/oz!
So a further search provided the following stats: 30 days ago - silver up $1.61,  price - $26..48. 6 months ago - silver up $3.10, price - $24.99.  One year ago, it was up $10.35, price - $17.74. And to remember that shortly after 2000, an oz of silver dropped for a bit to  $2/oz!
Before turning to a defense of my "Outrageous claim" made last week, another mistake made in the distant past which taught me another lesson might as well be admitted here!  Based on the well known financial advisor Howard Ruff, and his monthly THE RUFF TIMES,  I started an automatic $50/month deposit to the Pacific Coast Silver/Gold Exchange.  This continued for over 2 and 1/2 years when the price of silver suddenly spiked  up!  Shortly thereafter, news appeared that confirmed that the owner had committed suicide when faced with a sudden big demand from investors who wanted to sell. It was discovered to our horror, that he DID NOT HAVE the promised store of silver in his account! Another costly lesson learned!  A novice like myself should avoid margin accounts, and also NEVER TRUST a firm that STORES IT FOR YOU! Folks in the 1800's learned this lesson already when a RUN ON A BANK resulted in CLOSED DOORS and no withdrawals possible for a certain lengths of time! Will we ever learn?
Finally, a defense of my "Outrageous claim!" The following few comments are from  several newsletters I get, from INVESTMENT RARITIES, economist MARK SKOUSEN, the WEISS SAFE MONEY REPORT, the GEOPOLITICAL INVESTOR, and a few others.  No attempt here to identify each comment, space prevents, but note also that the following is just the tip of an iceberg of expert comments on coming events! Comments are grouped under categories: 1)Debt and Crash, 2)Inflation, and 3)Silver/Gold explosion!
1)"Investors grow weary of having their retirement funds destroyed...and a near zero return from banks is getting harder for savers to overcome...both equities and fixed-income could fall, and could turn a painful bear market into a complete meltdown."  "When the biggest bubble in history unravels...led by the implosion of the $1.5 quadrillion derivatives monster...bond and property values will evaporate in a cloud of smoke."  "The only question is whether
the crash will just  be the 30% variety, or a total wipeout of around 80%."   "I'm more worried about stocks now than ever in my 40-year career!" Author and economist  Mark Skousen! 2)"I believe the endgame of the FED's ability to create money...is the complete evaporation of the purchasing power of currency worldwide...Real price inflation is now hitting the average person and it is going to get worse."  "The purchasing power of money is being  eroded...What happens when a loaf of bread suddenly costs $15 or $20?"    (More comments available!) 3)"The pressure is building in the silver market."  "The big users...from the mobile phone, and electric vehicle companies, battery producers...must be getting worried...supply is dwindling, and prices are going up. "That's why gold and silver rose dramatically in the past year."   "The latest rigged selloff of silver presents the best opportunity to buy in many months."
(All comments taken from newsletters in the past couple of months, and more on request!)
Jake Wren











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