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To the Editor
Memorial Day: Oath of Office
Memorial Day reminds me of those past and present who kept their Oath of Office.  Besides the armed forces, I consider those we elect: Governor, Attorney General, Senators, Representatives, Sheriff, Commissioners, etc., who also take an Oath of Office and state, "I do solemnly swear (or affirm, as the case may be) that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of Idaho" (Idaho Code 59-401).  For us, as Idahoans, unborn or 115 years old, this affirms that these duly elected officials will continue to declare independence from ‘Kings’ by preserving 3 distinct branches of government and by defending the inherent liberties of individuals, including: freedom of assembly, freedom of worship, protection of our private property, due process, freedom to defend our person and property, freedom of press and speech, etc.  This Memorial Day how would you rate our local and State elected officials this past year in keeping their Oath of Office?  For example, consider Representative Mike Simpson,  who a month ago unanimously received a ‘no confidence’ vote from the Idaho State Republican Party at their State Meeting for his proposal to breach dams.  More than dams, I think the reality is, Mr. Simpson, disregarded the private property of Idahoans and due process.  He broke his Oath of Office.  Consequently, a ‘no confidence’ vote.  In defense of Memorial Days and the liberties of friends, family, and neighbors, are there other elected officials, like Mike Simpson, who need a ‘no confidence vote’?  Who can we thank for keeping their Oath of Office?
Scott Perrin
Cottonwood, Idaho

Redneck Review!
No. 318 - 5/30/2021
Yes, it is definitely time for a change!  Too much stress over inflation and the increasing threat of the failed system of socialism in our country can easily draw a person's attention away from the good things we still possess as citizens in this good old United States. So in honor of the Memorial Day celebration observed this week, May 31, honoring those who have sacrificed to preserve our country, and the upcoming 4th of July celebration honoring our nation's birth day, we repeat  again parts of an article printed here in the past by S.L. Love: "Can We Wave the Flag too Much?"
"Is it possible to wave the flag too much?  Provided of course, that you wave it with integrity?... Is it possible to read the Bible too much?  The great, the good, the true, are inexhaustible for inspiration, example and strength.  I believe that we are not waving our flag enough, not nearly enough...Walk up and down the streets on July 4th (Or Memorial Day) and count the flags...Why isn't the flag flying from every home and building? This complacent attitude is strong evidence of cancerous patriotic decay. The flag is a symbol of...the spirit of our undying devotion to our country. It stands for the best that is in us... for loyalty...and faith in democracy...Does it not represent man's greatest, noblest, most sublime dream? Is it not the zenith of achievement, the goal to which generations have aspired?
"Ladies and gentlemen, I believe it is time for us...to stop for a moment and think. Let us arrest our near reverential admiration of material success and return to spiritual and ethical values. Let us imbue and rekindle in ourselves and our children the so-called old fashioned patriotism, a burning devotion to the principles and ideals upon which our country was founded. Should not every home proudly display the colors on holidays and other occasions?
"Isn't the flag Patrick Henry, George Washington, Gettysburg and Valley Forge, Paul Revere...and other great men and women who have given us our heritage?  When you look at the flag can't you see the Alamo, ...Pearl Harbor, ...Flanders Field, Bataan, Iwo Jima, Normandy, Babe Ruth and Davy Crockett? The great events of our past and present are wrapped up in our flag. It is a symbol of a blessed nation, a giant in industry, education and commerce. Millions of fertile square miles, wheatlands, coal mines, steel plants. Our great republic, the chosen infant destined to be man's last and remaining hope for suffering humanity, a shining beacon of light, noble and glorious, the haven for the oppressed and the persecuted and truly God's gift to mankind. That is what the flag means to me. Can we wave it too much?  I don't think so."
(Response of DeLove in 1956 to a listener who wrote as follows: "Your programs are wonderful --- especially the no commercials --- but you are waving the flag too much!")
As we pause for a moment or two to celebrate our own appreciation for this country we live in, let us look beyond this Memorial Day and the coming 4th of July, and maybe ask ourselves if our generation has lived up to the sacrifices and contributions our forefathers have handed down to us. Will we be leaving to our children and grandchildren the quality life and nation we were given by our parents and grandparents? And we might ask, Is there anything an individual can do to help nudge our country in the right direction over the next months and years?  Am I personally a drain on our government, at the local, state or national level? Can I be counted on to join the ranks of those whose lives and actions are a big positive for all around us, or do I find myself falling in with the group that tears us down? Do I pray for our country and its leaders to the Lord who told us; "Ask and you shall receive....?"
(And from this aging Red Neck,  "God bless all of you, and protect you in the months to come!")
Jake Wren













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