Scholarships awarded to PHS class of 2021
Many members of the Prairie High School class of 2021 have been awarded scholarships for their continuing education.
They are listed below with the scholarships we are aware of.
CiCi Chavez-LCSC Provost Scholarship
Matthew Coppernoll-LCSC Track Scholarship; Shinn Family Alumni Scholarship
Kyleigh Duclos-Idaho Association of Highway Districts Scholarship; Idaho County Light & Power Scholarship; Vandal Summit Award; Northwest Farm Credit Services Scholarship; Vitalant Scholarship; Idaho Opportunities Scholarship; HOSA Scholarship; CHS Primeland Scholarship; Travis Uhlenkott Memorial Scholarship; Citizenship Award/Lions Club Scholarship; John Kernan Memorial Scholarship.
John Gehring-Vandal Pride Award; Idaho County Farm Bureau Scholarship
Anthony Goeckner-UI Dean’s Scholarship; Idaho Opportunies Scholarship; CHS Primeland Scholarship; Kantola-Morgan Scholarship.
Dean Johnson-William Judson Boone Scholarship; College of Idaho Athletic Scholarship-Football; Kathryn Albertson Day Scholarship; Burt lute Memorial Scholarship.
Pixie Jones-Stephen & Katherine Belko Scholarship; Idaho State University Marching Band Scholarship; Idaho State University Presidential Scholarship.
Halle Klapprich-Idaho Opportunities Scholarship; Idaho County Fair Royalty Scholarship; Idaho County Light & Power Scholarship; Idaho State University Presidential Scholarship; Idaho School Boards Association Scholarship; HOSA Scholarship; Prairie Booster Club Scholarship; St. Mary’s Hospital Employees Scholarship; Sr. Maryclare Kelly & Sr. Stephanie Wardle Scholarship
Leann Lightfield-DAR Good Citizens Scholarship; Idaho Opportunities Scholarship; Vandal Pride Academic Achievements Scholarship; Wayne Sutton Memorial Scholarship; Northwest Farm Credit Services Scholarship; Mary Hull Niccolls Scholarship; Grange Insurance Association Scholarship; Farm Bureau Insurance Scholarship; Prairie Booster Club Scholarship; Camas Professional Counseling Services Scholarship; Advanced Welding & Steel Scholarship; Idaho County Farm Bureau Scholarship.
Justin Lockett-Go Idaho Scholarship; Idaho Opportunity Scholarship
Mattie Lustig-Vandal Pride Academic Achievement Scholarship; 4-H Avista Scholarship; Sarah George Memorial Scholarship; Prairie Faith Formation Scholarship; Idaho Opportunities Scholarship; University of Idaho Room Waiver Scholarship; Kantola-Morgan Scholarship.
Cole Martin-College of Idaho Athletic Scholarship-Football; Albertsons Scholarship; Dean’s Scholarship-Merit Scholarship, College of Idaho
Sierra McWilliams-Dean’s Scholarship; High School Leadership Scholarship.
Wesley Munger-Dean’s Scholarship; Idaho Opportunities Scholarship; CHS Primeland Scholarship; Logan Lustig Memorial Scholarship; Carl Gibbs Memorial Scholarship.
Cole Schlader-True Blue Promise Scholarship; Future Forward Scholarship; Opportunities Scholarship; Maurice Shinn Sportsmanship Scholarship.
Hope Schwartz-LCSC Leadership Scholarship; Provost Scholarship; Youth Ministry Scholarship; Idaho Opportunity Scholarship.
Madison Shears- Dean’s Scholarship-Merit Scholarship, College of Idaho; Quest Scholarship; College of Idaho Scholarship; Travis Uhlenkott Memorial Scholarship; Kantola-Morgan Scholarship.
Kelly Stubbers-Provost Scholarship
Ellea Uhlenkott-Presidential Scholarship; Counselor Leadership Scholarship; High School Leadership Scholarship; LCSC Track and Field Athletic Scholarship; Travis Uhlenkott Memorial Scholarship; Prairie Booster Club Scholarship.
Blake Uptmor-Idaho County Light & Power Scholarship; Clearwater Pwer Company Scholarship; Avista North Idaho 4-H Scholarship; Vandal Summit Award Scholarship.
Kerri Villamor-Idaho Opportunity Scholarship; Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation Scholarship; Blue thunder Marching Band Scholarship.
Tyler Wemhoff-Citizenship Award/Lions Club Scholarship.

Kerri Villamor and Leanne Lightfield lead the class of 2021 to the stage.

The class of 2021 on stage after the Processional.

"Prairie's #1 fan" Father Meinrad gave the invocation.

Valedictorian Leanne Lightfield, left, and Salutatorian Kerri Villamor during their respective speeches.

Ryan Hasselstrom was the commencement speaker.

Before leaving the stage Dean Johnson led the class one last time with his famous "rollercoaster" cheer. In the upper photo everyone is buckling in and in the lower photo throwing their hands in the air like you do on a down slope of a rollercoaster.

Up go the mortarboards as the ceremony concludes.

Hunter Leal gets a hug from a well-wisher.

Della Gehring congratulates Lane Remacle.















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